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Ghoel is a metal band formed in Malvern, UK in 2007. Originally under the moniker, Abacinator, the band consisted of David Desimone (bassist), John Greenwood (guitarist/vocalist) and Aaron Lawrence (guitarist), they played straight up thrash metal, influenced by the likes of Testament, Overkill and Vio-Lence.
After a short time practising and playing without a drummer, they eventually recruited James Tyrer as a drummer.

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Death of Art

They are a canvas of black, purple and blood red with 'Death' being the artwork. Join Death of Art as they take you on an emotive journey through the dark realm. Music for the eyes and ears with their theatrical style live show incorporating props, dance and a lot of energy! Erin's vocals and performance style take you from classical through to heavy rock and back again with her unique combination of these styles. Marilyn Manson meets Evanescence....

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Last One Out

Last. One. Out. Guitar Picks, Drumsticks, but not quite hits. One of the greatest "scene" bands to ever grace the valleys of Central PA. Last one out had a unique sound that combined rock and roll with "emo" rock. They sadly disband in late 2005, although they did a reunion show or two in early 2006. Steve Elliot moved on to a solo acoustic career as well as some bass work for The Autumn Life after the loss of their bassist Cory Morgan, and Kyle went on to drum for Annhihilus(also disband in 06, to form a new group with the same members without their bassist.)

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Kym Mazelle

Kym Mazelle (born Kimberley Grigsby in 1960, in Gary, Indiana, U.S.) is an American soul music singer. She was brought up and lived on the same street as the Jackson family and knew Michael Jackson's mother and uncle. Early in her career, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, she enjoyed major success in the European house music scene, and performed as a member of Soul II Soul. However she is probably best known as the singer of the cover version of the song "Young Hearts Run Free", in the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

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Yuna (real name; Yunalis Zarai) is a female acoustic/alternative/pop singer-songwriter originating from Selangor, Malaysia and is now based in Selangor, Malaysia and Los Angeles, US. She began making a mark for herself in the local independent scene in 2007, before releasing her demo in February 2008. Her debut EP, Yuna EP was released in October 2008. Her debut album was finally released in July 2010, titled Decorate.

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The Direction

There are two different bands named The Direction. One is an emerging band from Salt Lake city, Utah that is signed to Spy Hop Records and the other is from Wales. The Direction is a four piece pop/rock band from south Wales. We are heavily influenced by the Stereophonics, McFly and the Who. We are slowly emerging into the welsh music scene, regularly playing venues in Swansea and Neath and are currently finishing off our self titled EP; Here We Are.
We regularly appear on local radio stations such as (96.4FM) "the wave" and (97.4 and 107.9 FM) "Afan FM"

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There are 2 bands/artist with the name Mali: 1.
The North Carolina worship group Mali, led by songwriter Nate Fancher, is centered around anthemic praise and worship melodies. Their progressive rock/pop style is meant to inspire a full-hearted, all-cylinder approach to life and living. 2.
Mali, DJ and producer from Zagreb, Croatia.
Krunoslav Vukovic (Mali) for the first time meets electronic music at year 1994 and after that he becomes real addicted to that way of musical expression...
Today his tracks ( mostly minimalistic style ) are available on several labels.

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