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The Luck of Eden Hall

“Phenomenal!” -Jim DeRogatis / Sound Opinions
“An Excellent Psychedelic Band!” -Billy Corgan /
“Most Intriguing Sonic Emanations We’ve Heard In Ages!” -CMJ
“A Unique Sound of Their Own.” -AP
“A Future Classic!” -Ptolemaic Terrascope (UK)
"Some of the best psych pop in the world!"
- DJ Astro, Psychotropic Zone (Finland)
"I can’t think of any US band playing the psychedelic pop 60s with such freshness and inspiration as Gregory Curvey and his band (The Luck of Eden Hall) does!"

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Terry Springford

Terry Springford is a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. In 2010, after a long hiatus from music, Terry returned to his home studio in the mountain forests outside Melbourne to record his Pretty Girls album, released in October. The album represents a departure in style for Terry as he adds a variety of electronic sounds to augment his strong songwriting and folk-pop roots. The album is available at iTunes. He's now working on a new album, "Fusion", and playing live in Melbourne. "Summer Dress" is his new single, released in April 2012.

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Wily Bo Walker

Wily Bo Walker is a solo artist, session vocalist and performer. He is also the frontman with both ‘Rattlin Bone’ and ‘The Mescal Canyon Troubadours’
A successful songwriter, composer, musician and vocalist noted for his characterful vocals and swaggering 'live' performances, Wily Bo works across many styles and genres; blues, soul, jazz, alternative and adult contemporary.
Currently working on a solo album with 2012 Grammy winning musical arranger, Danny Flam.Tracks 'Drive', Same Thing' and 'Jenny' have been released and have created a huge buzz about this project.

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Others about ENGO: 3voor12 (The Netherlands):
"'Cause of their mixture of several cool genres and music, you can't put ENGO in one category. They are musically really good and have a mindblowing stage presence. The band's enthusiasm is contagious. The melodic songs and fanatic moves are a succesful combination." Autona Magazine (Germany):
"Indie-Rock, somewhere between Nirvana, No Doubt in their early days, the legendary Doors and Wir Sind Helden. Yet ENGO, adding Jazz and 70s Funk influences, still manages to maintain its own style!"

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Jemma Paige

This petite Melbourne born songstress began her musical journey from a young age, expressing herself using recorder, flute, guitar, piano, kazoo and vocals. A little bit cutting- edge, Jem took her folky tones to community events, recitals and eisteddfods. Her refusal to sing standard pop songs whilst showing her midriff, or changing the lyrics to a Beatles tune to make it more politically correct, made it clear that making a living from winning community eisteddfods was a dream needing to die.?So she kept writing.

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Electric Litany is a rock band was formed in the spring of 2007 in North London, England. The lineup consists of: Alexandros Miaris from Corfu, Greece - vocals, guitars, piano, synths
Richard Simic from Devonshire, England - drums, percussion, cretan lute
Duane Petrovich from Texas, USA - bass
Benjamin Prince - synths, piano The story of the band started, when Alexandros and Richard met in London.

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