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Writers Block

Writers Block is a Cape Town based hip hop crew made up of 4 super lyricists, 3 fantastic producers and 1 Turntablist. Writers Block has a very classic, vintage style which stays true to the art of hip hop. Writers Block is a crew that is dedicated to keeping hip hop alive. For more info you can visit Writers Block is also a Progressive Metalband from Nijmegen (The Netherlands), with David Marcellis (vocal), Marcel Raas (strings), Mathew Timmerman (keys), Kars Verbeek (bass) and Ivo Brnobic (drums).

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There are at least 2 artists/bands called Zola:
1. a south african musician; 2. a spanish indie pop sextet from Barcelona. 3 a British math pop group
1.Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola, is a South African poet, actor, and kwaito musician. He also presents Zola 7, a television show named for him, on SABC 1.
Born in the Soweto ghettos of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dlamini spent his formative years in one of the roughest and notorious ghettos around, Zola, hence his name. Unemployment, alcoholism, and single parent families are the norm in Zola.

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Daara J

Daara J (Pronounced Daa-raa Jee, which means "The School" in the Wolof language) are a Senegalese rap trio, consisting of N’Dango D, Aladji Man and Faada Freddy. Their music blends western hiphop with traditional African rhythms to create a great infectionsly dancy style. In their last album, Boomrang, they were joined by guests including Rokia Traore, who is one of the leading women in Malian music.

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