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Multiple artists are known as Arthur. ACTIVE
1. Arthur is an unsigned British indie band from Fleet in Hampshire, U.K. Formed in 2005 by 5 friends from school, the band recorded their debut 4-track demo, "The Blue EP" and began playing local gigs. Whilst completing their A-levels, the band recorded their second demo, "Floating On Clouds EP" and began playing larger venues. In 2007, the band recorded 2 singles themselves, "Complications" and "Last Night Honey." They are currently touring the UK in support of their "Cinderella Story" EP.

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There are at least 2 artists/bands called Zola:
1. a south african musician; 2. a spanish indie pop sextet from Barcelona. 3 a British math pop group
1.Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola, is a South African poet, actor, and kwaito musician. He also presents Zola 7, a television show named for him, on SABC 1.
Born in the Soweto ghettos of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dlamini spent his formative years in one of the roughest and notorious ghettos around, Zola, hence his name. Unemployment, alcoholism, and single parent families are the norm in Zola.

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DJ Mujava

DJ Mujava’s real name is Elvis Maswanganyi, he’s 21 and hails from a Pretorian township called Attridgeville. He got his break when taxi drivers - who had heard him play on community radio and act as independent grassroots music distributors in South Africa’s urban townships - started spreading his sound in their cab stereos and selling CDs they had acquired from visits to his house directly to their customers accross Pretoria.

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There are multiple artists with this name:
1) An alternative/indie rock band from Turku, Finland
2) A folk-pop band from London
3) An abandoned synth project from Sweden
4) A hard rock/punk band from New York City in the early-mid 90's.
5) A kwaito artist from Namibia. 1)
Stanley is an alternative/indie rock band from Turku, Finland. 2)
A folk-pop band from London - see Last FM artist page "Stanley (the band)" 3)
An abandoned synth project from Sweden 4)

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