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Elias Last Day

Elias Last Day are a five-piece Metalcore outfit from Preston, England, founded in 2004. From the ashes of previous projects and a change in vocalist they had found a working formula; that from past experiences and range of musical backgrounds would prove to find a sound that the band would become solid within. Elias Last Day have recorded 3 EP's; "Heres To The Mutiny", "Smoke Signals" and "Life Through Tinted Glass".

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Originally formed as a two piece recording project in late 2002, Stitchthread became a live band in mid-2004 and recorded/gigged with several lineups until late 2008 before going on hiatus. The band reconvened in early 2010 and returned to gigging on July 30th. A retrospective six years gigging anniversary EP "We're Already Here" will be released later this year, with new recordings to follow. The present lineup consists of Mark Moreton (guitar/vocals), Andrew Hellebrand (guitar), Ian Cylkowski (drums) and Jim Thomas (bass/vocals).

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There are at least three bands called Indian: 1) A Chicago-based band. Born in different parts of country, brewed in the depths of Chicago, Indian have grown to be chiefs of doom in the Midwest and around the U.S. since their first show in early 2003. Their slow- guitars, demon-esque vocals and mad smart rhythms make the three piece pure sophisticated evil. Indian's first recording, Godslave, released in 2004, quickly became an underground favorite for doomers across the country.

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In 1988 after sending in only one demo song AXXIS were signed to EMI Electrola. The debut album "Kingdom of the Night", 1989 which was already released in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the USA sold 100 000 copies immediately. It became the best selling debut album by a Hard Rock band in Germany in 1989. "Axxis II" marked a similar huge success in 1990, followed by the authentic and energetic live release "Access All Areas" a year later. The ambitious "The Big Thrill" became a best seller in 1993.

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A Thousand Enemies

Formed in the summer of 2011, A Thousand Enemies rose from the ashes of Isolysis and Two Minutes Hate.
Featuring the iconic Bane on vocals and Dave ‘RickStein’ Wright on drums, the line-up was rounded out by the addition of former Two Minutes Hate men, the accomplished Harwood on guitar, Andy ‘Snakes’ Goulter on bass and, hitherto unknown six-string genius, Phil Wilbraham.
The chemistry and magnetism produced by this meeting of kindred musical spirits meant progress was rapid and by October the...

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Tormented Vision

Birmingham, UK Metal / Thrash Metal / Death Metal Formed in March 2007, Tormented Vision Combine the dynamic and heavy riffing of axe-men Dan Brookes (guitar) and Anoop Kundi (guitar), with aggressive vocals, an epic cross between the thrash and death Metal Genres was born. Enlisting Jake Eades on Drums and currently using Session Bassist Thom Mcloghlin (untill a full time member can be found) Tormented Vision are set to unleash upon the nation their first single and Full Length Album.

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Mortal Sin

Mortal Sin is a thrash metal band that formed in 1985. The group formed around singer Mat Maurer and drummer Wayne Campbell in Sydney, Australia. At first Campbell had attempted to get Maurer into another band called Wizzard but the rest of that band was reluctant to support the idea so the pair struck out on their own, quickly recruiting Wizzard's guitar Keith Krstin, bass player Andy Eftichiou from a band called Judge and a second guitarist Neville Reynolds. Reynolds was fired for not being available to play at the band's very first show and was replaced by Paul Carwana.

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Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian (born August 21, 1967 in Beirut, Lebanon) is an Armenian-American singer. He started as a singer in the alternative metal band System of a Down and after they went on hiatus he continued his career as a solo artist and producer. He is known for his gritty yet wide vocal range. His solo output mixes various styles and genres, including metal, rock and Armenian musical motifs. At age five, Serj Tankian moved with his parents to Los Angeles, California.

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