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Redwolf is the handle for the songwriter and guitarist of Christchurch-based rock group Alternative Aspect. This page was created to give people (including the band) a taste of what he has to offer. The music on this page was created electronically using music development software. Influences include Muse, Blind Guardian, Metallica, In Flames, Iron Maiden, among others. Redwolf originally began in early 2008.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Dio is a heavy metal band led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, ex- Ronnie and the Prophets, Elf and Rainbow founding member, born in Cortland, New York, who formed it in October 1982 after leaving Black Sabbath. In addition to Ronnie, Vivian Campbell played guitar; with Jimmy Bain on bass and Vinny Appice on drums. In May 1983 they released their debut album "Holy Diver," on which Ronnie sang and played keyboards. To avoid having the vocalist stuck behind a keyboard in concert, the band recruited keyboardist Claude Schnell.

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Nocturnal Graves

Nocturnal Graves were a band from Victoria, Australia. Formed in 2004, the band includes/has included members of influential Australian bands such as Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns and Hobbs' Angel of Death. After a number of demos, Nocturnal Graves signed to Nuclear War Now! Productions and released their debut full length 'Satan's Cross' in 2007. The band split up in September 2010.

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There are two bands with the name Lowtide. The first is a band from Melbourne, Australia who began in 2010 as a project of Three Month Sunset. the lineup expanded to include vocalist and bassist Lucky Buckeridge, drummer Anton Jakovljovic and second bassist Giles Simon. They released their first EP independently in August of that year entitled You Are My Good Light. This was followed by the Underneath Tonight single in March 2011 which came out on the Departed Sounds label. The other are a Polish hardcore metal band.

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3 Legged Dog

The band came together when former DIO bandmates, Jimmy Bain (Rainbow) and Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath), talked about forming a new powerhouse band to continue the musical assault! After hearing ex-Bonham vocalist, Chas West's hell-raising vocals, and guitarist Brian Young's (David Lee Roth) ripping guitar sounds one night at a jam in Hollywood, the foundation was formed! Good friend guitar shredder Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) joined forces to complete the band and a 3 LEGGED DOGG was born!

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GHOST TRAIN are a Hard Rock, Sleaze Metal band, that formed in London in 2009. They draw influence from a number of genres, creating a unique hybrid of glam, punk and metal. In 2010 the band continue to announce live shows and are set to record an EP Cd.

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Formed in the first quarter of 2010 following turbulent times in not just the local music scene, but the UK, Gareeda formed over a mutual taste in music, principles and methods of consuming bourbon.
The original line-up of Stu Gordon, Tommy Concrete, Michael Branagh & Toni Martone quickly entered the studio and started writing the first album. Following an offer to join The Exploited as guitarist, lyricist and singer Tommy had to step aside due to touring commitments.

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Grievances Aside

Grievances Aside are currently a 4 piece Metal group formed in Summer 2010.
Their genre is debateable, encorporating elements of Thrash Metal , Metalcore/Deathcore, Punk and Acoustic.
The lineup currently consists of: Christian Reeve - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Matthew Walter - Lead Guitar
Ryen Kelly - Bass Guitar
Daniel O'Gorman - Drums Grievances Aside are still in the formative stages , producing amateur demo's in order to convey the pontential within the band.

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