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Pighead is a band from Germany. They formed in 2007 by Denny H.(Guitars) and Robert A. (Drums). They were joined by Morten W. (Vocals) and Robert S. (Bass) to complete the line up. They released a demo in 2007 called "Demo 2007" with this line up playing standard death metal with slam breakdowns. The group expanded on their sound by adding an additional full time vocalist in the form of Martin R.

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Powerwolf is a German power metal/heavy metal band, formed by the brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf, the band spent a lot of time doing nothing until they met up with a Romanian vocalist called Attila Dorn. Attila Dorn came from a classical background, when he met up with the Greywolf brothers he expressed an interest in metal and followed them back to Germany which is when Powerwolf took off.

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Posthum is a atmospheric black metal band from Nannestad, Norway. They formed in 2004, and today the members are Jon (guitar, bass and vocals), Martin (guitar) and Morten (drums). In 2005 they released a demo. For the last three years, the band has been working with the debut album called .Posthum. The album was released on Folter Records in april 2009. Myspace

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There are two bands associated with the name Milhouse. 1. Milhouse are an indie-punk quintet from down under (Sydney, Australia). Their sound can be recognized by whistle-bound melodies, upbeat rhythms, and an overall unshakable catchiness. Comprised of members from Animal Shapes, Lights Out, and Between The Devil and The Deep, their EP "Everything's Coming Up..." is available at

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There are three artists with this name: 1.) Hierophant is very slow, raw and atmospheric funeral doom metal project of Xathagorra Mlandroth - one of the founders of funeral doom itself (with Thergothon, Skepticism, Funeral and others).
The music is always very slow, depressive and weighty (extremely). All tracks are quite primitive, but it can be requited by unique and deep atmosphere of solitude and endless darkness.
Continued by Catacombs.

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Purpose:Failed or P:F for short are an alternative metal band from Scotland. They incorporate metalcore and screamo into their playing as well as some melodic elements. P:F officially started in Summer '08 by guitarist, Blair Stein and drummer, Louis "Joe" Kelly along with bass player John Morrison, rhythm guitarist Jonny Adam and vocalist Grant Gardiner. P:F have recently signed to Un:Scein Records, a small independant record label based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Imminent Psychosis

Greg - Lead Guitar
Bundy - Rhythm Guitar
Justin - Drums
Damo - Bass Imminent Psychosis began as a 5-piece Thrash/Death metal band from Adelaide. The band played their first gig in February 2003, and has played consistantly around Adelaide ever since. With over 35 gigs under their belt, and supporting some of Australias best metal acts, including Psycroptic, Alarum, Terrorust, Captain Cleanoff, Switchblade, Double Dragon, and Pathogen. Imminent Psychosis have toured interstate and are planning another in the very near future (watch out fuckers...)

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