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Philadelphia Grand jury

Philadelphia Grand Jury are an Australian duo from Sydney, New South Wales that formed in 2008. The band consists of Joel Beeson (aka MC Bad Genius) on bass, keyboard and guitar and Simon Berckelman (aka Berkfinger) on vocals and guitar. They play indie, punk and soul. The Philly Jays has always been two friends: Berkfinger and MC Bad Genius. Between these two childhood buddies of some 20 years one observes a strange, tedious and sometimes very complicated relationship that always manages to somehow end up in a smart and ruff pop song. Do they even like each other? No one really knows.

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Featuring the unique talents of Jake Nauta and Daniel Georgiou, Playjerise are an acoustic duo hailing from the Blue Mountains, Sydney. The band have a new album as of 2009 titled "Better Life", while their previous albumette, "Cross The Line" was released in 2006. Over the years, the pair have performed to appreciative audiences at Hillsong Conferences, RICE Conferences, The Big Exo Day, Blackstump and Sonfest festivals, whilst recieving radio airplay on Triple J, Nova, FBI and FRESH FM 103.2.

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Albert Salt

Albert Salt is one of Australia’s most promising and unique young artists. Never before has such a young musician been able to bring together the influences of Alternative Rock, Electro/Acoustic and Jazz on such a successful scale. Beginning in 2009, after over a decade of classical music, Albert embarked on this musical venture with the assistance of lyricist Patrick Dower. Albert’s style has developed greatly over this short period of time, to the point of complete individuality.

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Nicholas Roy

"Peter Gabriel meets David Gray in one-man popster Nicholas Roy. His beautiful voice is full of weariness and drama; his instruments stretched and warped to create a whole dynamic world"
Beat Magazine "I like a guy bold enough to list Elton John as an influence.." Richard Kingsmill, Triple J When Nicholas Roy started playing the Melbourne live circuit, he felt a bit out of place in venues like The Espy.

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Boy And Bear

Boy & Bear was four separate bands until they decided to leave their respective collectives and represent one 'a-little-bit-better' band. After performing as Dave Hosking during 2008 the band decided to re-name the project and embrace a new direction and sound of 70's folk rock. Boy & Bear is a Sydney based band built on the collaboration of three front men of separate bands. The combination of three songwriters has resulted in songs that refuse to stay within the boundaries of one genre... Boy & Bear are launching their new single, Mexican Mavis at Spectrum on October 21st.

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Bennie James

'It slowly opens up to this great climax. A beautiful, plaintive pop tune.' Dom Alessio, Triple J's Home & Hosed. 'There's a Death Cab For Cutie-like melancholia to it but it moves into that grand orchestrated bit and suddenly gets all Polyphonic on us!' Steph Hughes, Triple J's Home & Hosed. 'Wonderful build, the production is great particularly the percussion. Nothing over dramatic - just strong songwriting,' Brendan Maclean, Musician & Triple J presenter.

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