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There are three artists called JBM 1. JBM are a Hardcore band from St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Rou (Lead Singer and Synth from Enter Shikari) is the guitarist for JBM. 2. Jesse Brian Marchant is a Montreal-based singer song-writer. He recorded his debut album Not Even in July in Henry Hirsch's church studio in Hudson, NY.
Marchant moved to New York at the age of 19 to pursue acting after dropping out of McGill University. He then moved to Los Angeles to write his debut album. He is trained on the guitar and also plays piano, harmonica and ukulele.

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DIY in the literal sense of the word, Canada's Powercup may book their own tours, screenprint their own shirts and press their own tofu etc, but they're also slavishly devoted to the cult of the power tool and 'Home Improvement's blue collar patriarch Tim Allen. The gimmick alone isn't the selling point, but 2010's brilliantly named, "Renovate At All Costs“, the Montreal trio's debut full-length, is a ferocious blast of rough hewn...

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Searson, three sisters from the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, deliver a strong and fiery live show throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Growing up learning the traditional Ottawa Valley style of music and dance, Searson has developed a contemporary style of high energy roots, celtic, country and pop, a sound that they are known and loved for. The live show includes Erin Searson on lead vocals, a boogie style of piano, step dancing and mandolin, Heather Searson on bass and step dancing and Colleen Searson on lead fiddle, vocals and step dancing.

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Baba Brinkman

Baba Brinkman began his rap career at nineteen, freestyling and writing songs in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.
During his development as an MC he also completed both a B.A. with Honours from Simon Fraser University and an M.A. in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature from the University of Victoria. His thesis drew parallels between the worlds of rap music and literary poetry. In the summer of 2004, Baba toured his hit theatre show, "The Rap Canterbury Tales" to seven cities around the world, including Prague, Montreal, Edinburgh and San Francisco.

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Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen began his music career in early 2002 with the New Brunswick band FLAT TOP which achieved substantial success and a loyal following on a regional level. Shortly thereafter, Matt decided to take an alternate path; this is where his solo career began. Matt's sprawling blues, roots, and rock musical hybrid, coupled with his grand, honey-tinged voice, and enigmatic showmanship has been earning him a fervent grass roots following wherever he graces the stage.

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There are four artists with this name. Tumult can be:
-Canadian Old School Death/Grindcore band from Canada with Necroholocaust, Blasphemy, Morbosidad, Necrosleezer and Sik Fuk members.
- A Danish folk rock group, fronted by singer and multi-instrumentalist Jørgen Dickmeiss.
- one of the artists that participate on Cave Story Remix Project;
- a Finnish Metal Band.
- a powerviolence/fastcore band from Bonn, Germany

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April Verch

April Verch is a Canadian fiddle and stepdancing champion and singer. Though her musical roots lie deep in the fiddling of her native Ottawa Valley, her repertoire also features traditional and contemporary tunes ranging in source and inspiration from Quebecois to the Appalachians, from Bluegrass to Brazilian. She has toured with the group Bowfire but also has her own April Verch Band.

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There are at least 26 bands with the name Necrosis 1). Thrash Metal Band from Chile. Formed in 1985, is one of the pioneer thrash metal bands of that country, obviously something very uncommon for a country ruled by a dictatorship. Their first album was recorded and published in 1988, The search had aggresive and menacing riffs with a simple but deep voice with a clear message. They band split up in 1991 after Alfredo Peña’s suicide, they had a brief reunion in 1999 and they reformed the band again in 2001 for a second album called “Enslaved to the machine”...

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