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Sons Of Abraham

There are at least 2 artists named Sons Of Abraham. 1. Sons Of Abraham were a five piece hardcore band from Long Island, New York. They released one demo, a split EP with Indecision, and CD/LP titled Termites In His Smile. They disbanded in 1998, as guitarists Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock decided to pursue their other band, Glassjaw.
2. Sons Of Abraham are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They have released one EP in 2008 titled "The Pushing Foreword".

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Something Must Break

Something Has Broken are a hardcore band from Canberra. They sound like pure sadness. As of Summer 2011, Something Must Break have announced they will be writing and recording a 3-way split with hardcore heroes Have Heart and Verse for early release in 2012, entitled "Songs 2 Mosh 2". Both bands however, have recently dropped out of the project, claiming sexual harassment. they have recently announced that they are changing their name, and will soon be called "Joel Nevile & The Something Must Breaks."

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Castor Troy

Three bands under the name of Castor Troy. The First (and current) one is an experimental/hardcore/metal band from Plymouth,UK http://www.myspace.com/mfcastortroy the 2nd is a hardcore band from the UK. http://www.myspace.com/castortroy (Now Split Up) Castor Troy (UK) Released their début EP "This City Will Destroy Us" on Calculon Records early 2007 The last band being screamo and from Wisconsin, US. http://www.myspace.com/castortroywi. Castor Troy (US) broke up in 2005 after a series of compilation releases and the independent release of two ep's (2002 & 2004).

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Conation were a hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia. They Started around 1997/98 and broke up early 2006. Mid-2008 they will release a post-humous album and a tour of some sort has been confirmed. At the time of the break up conation was:
Jamie Hay / vocals, guitar
Dale Townsend / bass, vocals
Murray Ruse / drums, cymbals
Genna Pyewacket / violin, vocals Ex members include:
Heath Rowley / guitar, vocals
Nick Fletcher / guitar
Ryan MacDonald / guitar

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ChaseMotive are a metal/hardcore band from Kent coming together in late 2006. We have so far released 2 EP's - 'Side Effects May Include Death' and our latest 'Until It Kills Us'. We have worked hard to self promote the band and the latest EP has had sucessful sales in HMV and on iTunes. Having just finished our third tour this year, we have travelled from Plymouth to Glasgow and everywhere in between to play shows.

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E.Town Concrete

E.Town Concrete was a band from Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. They formed in 1995 and shortly thereafter released Time 2 Shine, their first full-length album, in 1999 on the Resurrection A.D. label. They have since released four more albums on various record labels, such as Razor & Tie and Ironbound Recordings. The band has recently decided to call it quits. Some fans believe the band to be hardcore, while others claim E.Town Concrete plays a form of metalcore. Most, however, accept the band as a rapcore group, though they are significantly heavier than most rapcore artists.

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