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Corpus Christii

Corpus Christii is a black metal band from Lisboa, Portugal found in 1998. Their lyrics are focusing on Satanism, Misanthropy, Agony, Death, Depression. Nocturnus Horrendus is also the owner of Nightmare Productions. Discography:
Anno Domini (Demo, 1998)
Saeculum Domini (album, 2000)
Decadentia Christii (Split with Decayed, 2000)
The Fire God (album, 2001)
Master of... (EP, 2002)
In League With Black Metal (album, 2002)
Tormented Belief (album, 2003)

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1) A professional chamber choir, founded and directed by Nigel Short. Often performing by candlelight, the choir creates an atmosphere of spiritual and musical reflection, where medieval chant and renaissance works are interspersed with contemporary works. The carefully selected team of singers uses the acoustic and atmosphere of the building to enable the audience to experience the power and intimacy of the human voice at its best.

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