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A-lix is a He and a She with a drum machine and 2 guitars bursting with electro power and pop-punk energy.. “Multi-national boy/girl duo A-lix have a very ‘now’ sound, as the two guitars and a laptop formula is fast becoming the next big thing. They are full of energy, jumping around on stage, and vocalist Vincent takes himself into the front rows of the audience [...] Their sound is like a mixture of Bis, Art Brut and the Presets, an electro feel with decent, raw guitars and slightly Franz Ferdinand-ish vocal stylings.

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TOYKULT is Tomas Hamlyn aka Tomas Spartan SOUNDS LIKE - Beck - The Gorillaz - Hendrix - Prodigy - Gang of Four - Stone Roses - PWEI - Happy Mondays - Flaming Lips - Franz Ferdinand - Crystal Castles - The Klaxons - Muse - Ian Brown - Oasis - The Fall - The Strokes - The Velvet Underground - CAN: ... British Alternative Rock Electronica TOYKULT'S New Album NARCISSTIKA ( released 07:08:09) is now available for FREE at:
http://www.reverbnation.com/toykult Their debut album "SOW LOCO" is also available on CD or MP3 from iTunes and www.toykult.com

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