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Stubborn Heart

What's so good?
So this has been sold as being for “fans of the three Js” – James Blake, Jamie xx and Jamie Woon. Needless to say, I was immediately interested. But which J does this mysterious London producer sound most like? At first, I was inclined to say Woon, the soulful vocals carried by a bassy melodic tune. As the song progressed, though, my view switched to Blake, with the interference and spacing bringing him to mind. By the end, I thought Jamie xx, as deep bass cut in and the drum pattern started to sound more and more garage-esque.

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Matthew Kilford

Matthew Kilford is a singer/songwriter who currently resides in the relative serenity of the Oxfordshire countryside. Matt once played guitar in the highly acclaimed indie rock outfit Belarus, but all that's in the past. The future, as they say, is where it's at. After the demise of the aforementioned Belarus, Matt began to work in earnest on his own songs, enjoying the simplicity and freedom of being able to write and perform with just his voice and an acoustic guitar.

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Tiger Mendoza

Tiger Mendoza has been a pseudonym for different types of electronic music I’ve created for a while, but after a couple of other projects had run their course, I decided it was time to take Tiger Mendoza up a notch. I began to work on some songs with Helena, who I’d heard singing at a friend’s party, and we soon realised the noise we were making was starting to sound pretty good. We released The Hope Sick EP in September 2009 and began to think about how we could play live. Spotting a Twitter conversation about finding a bass player, Sally got in touch to say she was up for it.

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Dive Dive

Dive Dive are a British rock band from Oxford. They formed in 2000 and composed of Jamie Stuart (guitar & vocals), Ben Lloyd (guitar & vocals), Nigel Powell (drums & vocals) and Tarrant Anderson (bass guitar). They have released three albums, 2005's Tilting At Windmills', 2007's 'The Revenge of The Mechanical Dog', and 2010's 'Potential'. They also released an EP titled 'Liar' in 2010. Two singles from their debut, '5-5-5 For Filmstars' and 'The Sorry Suitor', entered the Top 10 of the UK Independent Singles Chart.

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Joe Chapman

Joe Chapman is a multi instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, producer and broadcaster from Oxford, England. He is the vocalist and bass guitarist with psych drone band The Neon Violets and runs Yurt Sessions which features bands, poetry, discussion and interviews broadcast live online from a Mongolian yurt. Joe is currently recording a solo album and looking for new musicians to join The Neon Violets.

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