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Joe Claussell

Joe Claussell has a passion and he wants to share it with you. A modern-day renaissance man, this New York-based re-mixer, retailer, producer, and global DJ is also a prolific business man; one who approaches all his projects with sincerity and intensity; qualities he infuses into everything he touches. In his latest role as owner of Spiritual Life Music, he intends to guide the world to a new way of looking at and listening to world music.

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DJ Kramer

Kramer has been active in the dance music industry for over 15 years. Based in San Francisco, his professional DJ career has spanned over 10 years and he regularly performs around the US, Mexico and Central America. Holding nightclub residencies in San Francisco and Cancun, Mexico, Kramer has established an international reputation for his signature Tribal Progressive sound and energetic DJ sets. He is also one of the core organizers of the legendary Deep End sound camp at Burning Man.

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Dirty Secretz

With DJ support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, David Guetta, Steve Angello, Kim Fai, Andi Durrant, Dave Spoon, Robbie Rivera and many more, Dirty Secretz are no longer the secret they once were. The dynamic duo’s rise has seen release after release hit the front of DJs CD cases, making them essential choice for rocking any dance floor. Rewind two years and you’ll find two personas polar opposite to each other. Ying and Yang, chalk and cheese.

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Jay Lumen

Jay Lumen (b. Csaba Lumnitzer - aka The Jay Lumen Vibe, Monologue & Supaflava), committed to music, in his childhood years - learning in a conservatoire for eight years, providing the basis of his ambition. Besides composing music he became to be more and more open to the dj scena. In the beginning he played at parties that he organized on his own, then later he started with his career with complying occasional invitations.

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Nikola Gala

Born in 1980, Nikola Gala is a producer since 1995 and a DJ since 2000.His original tracks and remixes have been released on Lost Language, Armada, Renaissance, Audio Therapy, Intrinsic and Deep Records. As a DJ, has made live appearances in Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Kiev, Istanbul, Warsaw, Jakarta, Cologne, Bucharest. He is mixing club music, based on groovy beats and fresh ideas. He is also running his own label Escada Music. You can find him playing on Frisky online radio.

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