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Master is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Paul Speckmann. They were well known in the early extreme metal underground, being both one of the first death metal bands, and one of the most influential alongside Death in the emerging death metal scene. The band began in 1983, and still exists today, having released several albums with many different lineups. Paul Speckmann started out as bass player in doom band War Cry, where he met up with drummer Bill Schmidt who was drafted in to replace previous War Cry drummer, Joe Laccino.

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Regulus are a stoner rock band from Sheffield, UK formed mid 2012 by guitarist Ozzy, bassist Carl, and drummer Joe. Joined by vocalist and guitarist Luke towards the end of the year Regulus began gigging in the local area. They released their debut EP, The End, in February 2013 and are currently gigging around the Yorkshire area, working on new material and recording a three track concept EP entitled Titan Moon.

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There are two artists named Parvati who share this page. The first is a Canadian singer, producer and composer of electronic dance-pop music that incorporates yogic wisdom. Known for her angelic vocals, positive-possibilities pop, lush soundscapes and catchy dance grooves, Parvati’s music has risen to #2 in the electronic charts in Canada. Parvati regularly tours to headline and teach at international music and mind/body/spirit festivals globally and has performed at notable venues, such as Madison Square Garden (NYC), Earl’s Court (London) and Club Maria (Berlin).

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