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Old Man Luedecke

Old Man Luedecke (Chris Luedecke) is a singer and player living near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Old Man Luedecke left the big old city of Toronto, met a girl in the Yukon, fell in love, bought a banjo and fell in love again. After a couple of years of love and banjo and the makings of a brilliant performing career in sunny Halifax, he returned to the Yukon with his sweethearts. There he woodshedded. He wrote a ton of songs over the next year and a half.

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Adam O'Reilly makes music under the name DUZHEKNEW, jangled pigeon dancing, lots of guitar amps, honest lyrics, yelps, leaps, feedback, quiet, introspection, performance performance. He asks friends along the way to help with live shows or plays alone with a kick drum, beats, and a guitar.

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The Sleepless Nights

The Sleepless Nights perform dense yet ambient indie rock under the influence of the Halifax scene, past and present. With multiple songwriters and vocalists, The Sleepless Nights cover a lot of musical ground while maintaining a coherent sound. The tasteful playing aesthetic in The Sleepless Nights prevents the music from losing its focus on songcraft.

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Rose Cousins

Rose Cousins is a Canadian bluegrass/folk singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Prince Edward Island, she is currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Beginning in 2002, she released two EPs prior to her full-length debut, If You Were for Me, in 2006. The album garnered her a nomination for best solo artist at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. She was also a winner in the 2007 Mountain Stage Newsong Contest, as well as winning best folk recording from both the Nova Scotia Music Awards and the PEI Music Awards, and Female Recording of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards in 2008.

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