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lyrics with no sense.
tortured angst.
broken strings.
underground mind.
throated fury not-so blues sound.
SPAYED could go from catchy blues scales to real throated fury grunge in a measure or less. no one, not any of the hundred other alternative bands out there has the ability to get to that unique climax. you want a true alternative band? here you have it. SPAYED is more likely to release songs on tape or vinyl than cd format.

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There are 6 artists named Jones:
1. Singaporean singer
2. Baltimore rapper
3. Pseudonym for the artist also known as Thought Jones
4. Hip Hop artist from Frederick, MD.
5. Swiss soul singer
6. Rapper, singer and producer from Florida
7. Musician from the UK 1. Jones Shi (石康軍, Shi Kang Jun) is a rising Singaporean artist whose music can best be described as soft rock or rock/pop. Offical HP:

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Anonymous Tip

PRESS QUOTES: “Anonymous Tip give us plenty of reasons to keep the faith” – ROCK SOUND "Their potential in the Kerrang! market is relatively limitless. They’ll be worth keeping an eye on in times to come, of that I’m sure" - SUBBA CULTCHA "Anonymous Tip focus on creating the kind of frantic sing-a-long anthems that are as intoxicating as they are totally irresistible" - DROWNED IN SOUND "Hotly Tipped Rock Monsters" - MUSIC WEEK

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There are several artists using the name "Dugong". 1. Dugong were a four-piece "indie-rock/emo/punk" band hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. On 14th August 2005, after a final show at the Out Of Spite Festival in Leeds, they went on an indefinite hiatus. Members of Dugong are still active, in bands such as Nathaniel Green, Messina and The Sword, and as solo artists such as The Warlord and Brown Hound James.

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There is more than one artist with this name:
1) Wasted was formed in the fall of 1996 in Joensuu, Finland. They play raw old school punk rock, something that only few Finnish bands played back in '96. The band has released a couple of albums, the latest - Heroes Amongst Thieves - in year 2004.
2) Over the last 3 years Wasted (from Amsterdam) has slowly spread like a fire in the underbrush of the European live circuit.

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Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Manchester based 3 piece, on TNSrecords, who play lightning fast melodic punk, which draws comparison to Zeke and the Lawrence Arms.
Revenge of... have a split ep with the Fractions available from aswell as some earlier releases.
They line up with Andy Psychotronic on bass/vocals, Matt Woods on guitar and vocals and Big Hands on drums.
Loads more infor is available at and

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There are two artists named Annalise. 1) Annalise are a punk pop band from Exeter in the UK. They have released numerous 7''s and EPs as well as three albums. Thir most recent album 'Heres to Hope' is out now on No Idea Records.
Currently, the band is in a long term state of hiatus but in their dark and distant past they've toured the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. 2) Annalise is a eurobeat vocalist, and her real name is Annerley Gordon.

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The Carletons

Four seventeen year old lads from Preston who have been together since June 2007, The Carletons are an indie rock band who have packed a lot into the last 16 months. Achievements to date include..................... September/October 2007 – First demo recording/first gig! December 2007 - Band of the Week on Annie Macs Radio 1 Switch show April 2008 - Signed one single deal with End of the Trail Records with promo video and 10 date UK tour to promote “Bet Your Last Tenner” release May 2008 - Supported The Subways at 53 Degrees in Preston

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Take the Fifth

Take the Fifth started out as a 3 piece pop-punk band in Richmond, North Yorkshire in the late 1990s consisting of John Poffley, John Holburn, and Andrew Forbes. Playing local gigs and shows for a few years, TT5TH reshuffled their line up and added a fourth member, Simon Hall. They won a local battle of the bands competition and recorded the 'Up in Smoke' EP, and then had another reshuffle. They continued to play local venues and recorded their self titled album in 2006. The band recorded and produced the album with their own equipment. The band have since moved on to pursue their own goals.

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