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Sheffield, UK (2009 - 2010) Deutschmarks, a "band", consist of five individual members, occasionally going by the names below: "Nicholas Ridicholas/Nicky Digits" - vocals, guitar(s) "Aspect Ratio/Richio" or "The Dirty Furlong" - guitar(s) "Sweet Richard" - vocals, bits and bobs "Aggregate Scoreline" - keys, vocoder John "Goodness Gracious" Goodwin - drums They "started" in "August 2009" and "recorded" in "January 2010". "Cheers"

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The Russian Futurists

The Russian Futurists are a Canadian indie pop band based in Toronto. Their music can be described as lo-fi, indie-electronica fused with a twee-pop temperament. Although they initially had only one member, Matthew Adam Hart (born 1978), the band was later enlarged for live performances. Brief, exhilarating songs about love

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Filipe Gomes & The Jigsaw Pieces

Filipe Gomes and the Jigsaw Pieces is an ever evolving project of engaging, twinkly eyed pop that has grown up in the small seaside town of Ramsgate, UK. Sometimes the band can just be Filipe surrounded by keyboards, drums (played mainly with feet) and guitars. Other times it can be a 2,3 or 5 piece band. Filipe is also heavily involved in music production and sonic installations.

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