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There are infact two band called Aceldama: One is a death metal/grindcore outfit from Costa Rica. The other is a Birmingham, UK based rock band. Bio as follows: The Birmingham based, Aceldama, were formed in 2005 with the ideology of producing songs which ‘incorporate brutal, pinch harmonic grooves, with atmospheric harmonies and infectious hooks.’ After writing their first few songs, this style was solidly set and the foundations were built for their style to grow and ready hit the stage.

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1) Necronomicon were formed in 1971 in Aachen, the Western part of Germany near the Belgium and Netherlands border. With an album title (Tips zum Selbtsmord) that means "How to Commit Suicide," Necronomicon's one album, from 1972, featured bleak progressive garage rock with long instrumental passages. With wailing acid guitar solos, dark organ swirls, and angst-ridden singing in German, Necronomicon has created a dark and powerful vision that blends psychedelic and progressive music with a proto-punk garage band sensibility.

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An Industrial / Technical Metal band from Nottingham in the UK. Line-up:
Aud10c0rpse - vocals
TK 672 - guitars
Gr1nd Zero N - drums Links:
Official website -
MySpace -
W!ldplum -
Purevolume - Background: April 2005 was the approximate date for the initial inception of the unit now known as 'Insidious'.

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Millicent Grove

Millicent Grove are a 7 piece from Nottingham which write music that strays away from the over crowed metal scene.
They have shared the stage with many big bands for e.g. The Acacia Strain, AOAA, Devil Sold His Soul, Trigger The Bloodshed, Rolo Tomassi and more...
Their show is energetic and a non-stop "assault on the senses".
If you like partying then go to a show!!

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