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E.g., 25 Jul 2017


Celtachor began in the early months of 2007 with Stephen Roche and David Quinn. A year of writing the first demo was plagued with problems and it was never to see the light of day. The band take its numerous influences from black, doom, and folk metal, The Main focus was to bring the Mythology of the Irish saga’s to life from the grief of the Son’s of Tuireann to the Life and Death of Cu Chulainn, The band see themselves as the narrators of the legends of the ancient times of Eire.

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The current line up of Adust was completed in April 2007, not long after they started to write their own material, dedicating alot of time and effort they released their very first EP/Mini Album titled "Through Anothers Eyes". Adust are currently booking gigs and are looking forward to travelling the country playing and promoting their Mini Album, they all have a huge amount of passion for the music they play and are excited to what the future holds

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