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Lee Westwood

Lee Westwood is a Brighton-based guitarist and composer. Dedicating much of his time to the tuning DADGAD, Lee exploits the instrument's many facets to create eclectic modern lullabies for the steel strung acoustic guitar, using new dynamics and approaches in his pieces.

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Sons of Noel and Adrian Sons of Noel and Adrian (SONAA) was formed in 2007 by best friends, Jacob Richardson and Tom Cowan. After years of writing and performing together in the drunken brewery town of Burton-Upon-Trent both guitar players parted ways as Jacob left for art school in Cornwall and Tom set off to travel across Europe. The pair would re-unite years later on the south-eastern shores of the UK and the creative Mecca of Brighton.

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Thrown together across an epic European road trip during the summer of 2007 Dom Ashton, Andy Nelson and Ross Flight discovered their shared love for music, laptops and famous actresses. :kinema: have developed their sound over the last 18 months, combining elements of Yacht Rock, Soul and Contemporary Pop and Dance music into something sounding like Off The Wall-era Michael Jackson being re-imagined by a 21st Century Indie band. Contact information:

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The Beautiful Word

The Beautiful Word- Brighton's finest mystery-pop quintet- will spin you a sparkly web of wonder and melodic delight. A fantastical blend of the childish and sophisticated. Think Swizzels-Matlow making teapots for grown-ups. Expect songs about love, heartbreak and animals.

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One Roots

One Roots are a Roots Reggae, Dub and Ska band from Brighton, UK. Having just finished recording their debut EP 'Feel Alright' with Max Gilkes and Prince Fatty, the group are looking to spread positivity and good vibes all over the UK and Europe this Summer Their Debut EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Xbox Live Zune from the 5th of February 2013.
Lead Vox & Guitar - Claude Nteye
Backing Vox - Jade Sara
Lead Guitar - Nathan Cleary

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