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The Tea Party

The Tea Party is a Canadian rock band from Windsor, Ontario, with blues, progressive rock and Middle Eastern influences who formed in 1990 and disbanded in October 2005. They reformed in 2011 to play some shows in Canada. They have released seven albums commercially during their time together. Guitarist and vocalist Jeff Martin, who has perfect pitch, was also producer for almost all of their albums.

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Honest Thief

HONEST THIEF are an original Indie/Rock band based in Newcastle, England, born out of a mutual love of Indie, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Soul and 60's Pop - HONEST THIEF is the product of years of songwriting, rehearsing and collaborating. Sounds like? - The band that your record collection wants to incorporate! HONEST THIEF are:- Shaun Ginks - Vocals & Bass
Adam Henzell - Guitar & Vocals
Richie Maxwell - Drums & Percussion

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Jota is the Artist and DJ name of Jonathan Fisher. Now based in Australia, this Canadian born Psy-Trance Artist has been part of the global
movement for quite some time. After spending several months in Tokyo in 1996 he was introduced to his first Goa-Trance experience...a mind expanding experience that made Jonathans direction clear! Previously a bass player and producer of harder edged rock music, the evolution from guitar based music to electronic was a natural progression. DJing began the following year using the name Fisher, with Deliria Productions.

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Tessa Violet, better known as Meekakitty, is a 21 year old r originally from Oregon. Tessa makes Comedy Vlogs and Tutorials. She became popular through vlogging about her experiences as a in Asia, though her channel reached upwards of 100,000 subscribers when she moved back to New York. She is interested in anime and other aspects of Asian culture such as and . In addition to her official Youtube channel, Tessa is also featured in Vlogvetica ...

Read more about Meekakitty on Last.fm.

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There are three artists with this name: 1.Hector (Heikki Harma) is a popular Finnish musician who has released 21 albums since 1972. Hector is considered to be a fine lyricist and has penned songs for other artists in addition to himself. He has been influenced strongly by Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. He has made several Finnish translations of songs of Dylan, Lennon and Cohen and many think he has effectively captured the essence of these songs in his translations/interpetation.

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Lagwagon is a band based in the small town of Goleta, California. Forming in 1990, they have released seven albums, all through San Francisco label Fat Wreck Chords. They are widely viewed as catalysts for the movement of the 1990's, opening the door for some of the subgenre's more mainstream bands. The most recent members of Lagwagon include Vocalist Joey Cape, guitarists Chris Flippin and Chris Rest, bassist Joe Raposo, and drummer Dave Raun.

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High Child

High Child is: Spud (lead vocals, guitar), Jaffar (lead guitar) Jewels (bass, backing vocals), Alex (keyboards, backing vocals) and Chris (drums). Spud and Alex grew up together in the rolling fields of Derbyshire, where there was little else to do other than climb trees and count sheep. They picked up some instruments, wrote some songs, and formed the band. The band's sound is a mixture of melodic 60s pop and gritty 90s indie. The band has written three demo albums, which have sold over 7,000 copies in total.

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Lonnie Gordon

Gordon had several entries on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart in the 1990s, including three that reached #1. She also had major hits UK pop with the song "Happenin' All Over Again" written and produced by Stock Aitken Waterman, which reached #4 in the UK Singles Chart in 1990, and had originally been written for Donna Summer. Subsequent singles did less well there (although two reached the Top 40.

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