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The Blackbyrds

The Blackbyrds was a and fusion group, formed in Washington, D.C. in 1973. The group was led by trumpeter Donald Byrd and featured some of his Howard University students: Kevin Toney (keyboards), Keith Killgo (vocals, drums), Joe Hall (bass guitar), Allan Barnes (saxophone, clarinet), and Barney Perry (guitar). Orville Saunders (guitar), and Jay Jones (flute, saxophone) were later members of the group. They signed to Fantasy Records in 1973. They are best known for their 1975 hit "Walking in Rhythm", which received a Grammy nomination.

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There are several artists known as SAKURA... 1. SAKURA - Russian indie rock band from Moscow. Official Site: http://www.sakuraspace.info/ 2. SAKURA - Azeri creative grunge band. Site related: http://azrock.info/index.php?showforum=81 3. SAKURA - Experimental gothic band reigning from Ireland. Site: http://www.myspace.com/butterfliesandbitches 4. SAKURA - former teenage rock band from the Isle of Man (c 2003). Released ep Feeding From The Fruits Of The Sakura Tree. Singer now in Swound!

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Mihai Popoviciu

Mihai Popoviciu is considered as being one of the best electro producers from Romania and Eastern Europe. Born in 1981, Mihai found himself attracted to the rave scene of the mid 90s and at the age of 15 he discovered house music and detroit techno through Berlin House, a TV show from the german music channel Viva TV. His passion for the electronic sound grew very fast and after 4 years of being obsessed with techno, by the time he was 19, he started producing his own music.

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Ben Webb

A singer/songwriter from the east coast of Australia, Ben Webb mixes pop sensibilities with a fusion of Jazz, R&B and Reggae. At 25 years old, he has wowed audiences up and down the east coast of Australia with songs from his Debut EP release "sketches, photographs and the occasional song." Involved with music for as long as he can remember, it took two bouts of Bells Palsy (facial paralysis) on each side of his face for Ben to realise that life is what you make of it.

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Corinna Jane

Corinna Jane is a Franco-British singer-songwriter born in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, but did most of her growing up in Northamptonshire, England and was fortunate enough to grow up speaking English, French and German. However, fed on a diet of 90s MTV, her biggest passion has always been music. She began to play tunes by ear on the piano as a child, before taking up piano lessons at the age of 5. Not long after, at the age of 6 she composed her first piece "Rainy Afternoon".

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Jackson Jackson

Jackson Jackson is a band playing hip hop, Afrobeat, and psychobilly. The band is made up of Harry James Angus of The Cat Empire (vocals and trumpet) and Jan Skubiszewski (producer, phrase, & composer). The two met in 2002, and started the band in 2006.

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De Belgische Astrid Roelants alias Ameerah is in haar eigen land vooral bekend van haar deelname aan Idool, de Belgische variant van Idols. Dat was in alweer way back in 2004 en in dat jaar scoorde ze ook haar eerste én enige hit tot nu toe met de single Don’t Stop The Music. Voor haar nieuwe single The Sound Of Missing You werkte Ameerah samen met de mannen van Wildboyz, een Zweeds productieteam dat bestaat uit Didrik en Sebastion Thott.

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The Rivals

As always, there seems to be more than one group with a name like this 1)The Rivals were a UK punk band from Ramsgate, in existence from 1976-1981. Originally formed by childhood friends Mark Edwards (guitar, vocals) and Paul Leinster (bass, vocals), they soon added Mark Hebden (drums). The most well known lineup for the band, and the one that produced the vast majority of music that you can find from them, came about when Hebden left the band, to be replaced by Paul Daley on drums.

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