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There are 2 artists under the name Freyr: [1] Freyr is a project begun by T.E. Greenway in 2007 to syphon ideas not usable elsewhere. [2] Formed in mid-2012, Freyr began writing and recording with plans to gig in early 2013. Drawing influences from Jimmy Eat World, Mae, Paramore and other bands in the genre, Freyr are aiming to create catchy songs with a powerful live performance. In the upcoming future, gigs and recording sessions are being booked so remember to check back often!

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Van She Tech

Vanshe Technologic are the electric love children of the shoegaze epic Van She. Van She Tech (Technologic) are band members Nicolas Routledge (Vocals/Guitar) and Michael Di Francesco (Synth/Guitar) known for their elegant, wacked out remixes and live dj sets. Fall in love with us and we'll make you bounce. Have done remixes for, Feist, Muscles, Dragonette, Tiga, The Bravery and many more! Currently signed to the uber cool Banggang 12iches / modular recordings Australia.

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There are at least three artists with this name. 1.) For the last three years, Dallas' dynamic bass duo Jimmy Blythe (Droopy) and Kyle Nuss (Royal Highnuss) have been melting speakers and knocking drinks off the bar with their huge bass heavy sound. While getting support from large names including: Rusko, Datsik, Downlink, Excision, Calvertron, Run DMT, Helicopter Showdown, Eptic, and more, the group refined their sound releasing tracks such as "Feel 4 U" on Betamorph Recordings and a remix of "Miracle" on Lincoln Road Records in 2011.

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Downlink has been punishing dancefloors all over the planet with his heavy brand of dubstep. With roots in Jungle & DnB, he is no stranger to the vile side of subsonic dance music. Growing up in a cold industrial town in British Columbia, Canada, he was first introduced to dubstep in 2007 and soon after took to production. While maintaining an appreciation for the sparse and laid-back vibes of the old school, Downlink set out to explore a more frantic, adrenaline fuelled style, influenced by everything from heavy metal to astrophysics.

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