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Medievil came into existence in the end of 1998 in Minsk, Belarus. The line-up was the following: Bretors - guitars, vocals; Svelt - keyboards, guitars; Trefoil - drums; Xvost - bass. At that time the leader and the main composer was Bretors. In 2000 the first demo/album Black Rats Liturgy was recorded, the music being an original blend of sympho/death/black/heavy. The quality of the recording was purely underground.

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Burning Times

There are 3 or more bands called Burning Times. 1) Burning Times is a three piece hardcore punk band from Brighton, England. Together for only a year and a half initially, between early 2007 to mid 2008, they released two 7" EP's and a cd-r demo (Nuclear Family War EP on Tadpole Records, The End Is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning....EP on Tadpole Records/Parade of Spectres/Keep Screaming/This One's For The Crew/Burning Times). With Matt's return from Australia in 2012, the band have resumed playing and are writing material for a new 7".

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