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Ian Paice

IAN PAICE! Ian Anderson Paice (born June 29, 1948; Nottingham, England) made his name as drummer with seminal heavy rock band Deep Purple. As of Jon Lord's departure in 2002, he is the only founding member of the band still performing with the group. Heavily influenced by Buddy Rich, Ian is one of the few hard rock drummers who uses swing and jazz inflections in his powerhouse style. He is also left-handed, being one of the few who play on a totally left-handed drum setup (another example is Phil Collins).

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Black 'N Blue

Black 'N Blue was a Heavy Metal band that was labeled to be the "next big thing" in the mid 80's, but despite having a loyal fan base, they never broke through commercially.
The group was formed by Jaime St. James (vocals), Tommy Thayer (guitar), Jeff Warner (guitar), Patrick Young (bass) and Pete Holmes (drums) in Portland, Oregon in 1981. By relocating to Los Angeles, they made their debut on the first Metal Massacre compilation with the song "Chains Around Heaven", before landing a major label deal.

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Crimson Dream

Formed in late 2009
Crimson Dream are:
Stevie Dewar - Bass Guitar & Lead Vocals
Jon Hawkins - Lead Guitar
Vinnie Forster - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jack Carter - Drums & Backing Vocals "Crimson Dream fire out an upbeat, melodic sound that you can't help but get into. They bring an element of being a modern Iron Maiden in their soaring melodies, keeping things fresh with a new sound that crosses a range of metal and rock. No doubt a band to keep your eyes and ears on"

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There are 2 bands with the same Slackjaw name on LastFm! For the Slackjaw blues-rock band go to Slackjaw Blues Band's page -> Slackjaw is an unadulterated entertainer. At the age of 17 he took Perth's premier battle competition, Open Mic Combat. His hunger for the microphone was hard to miss, appearing at the revered Hyde Park Mondays with his endless freestyles and memorable live performances.

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1) Blindness is a heavy metal band active in Milan (Italy) from 2004 to late 2008. The latest lineup included the founder guitarist/composer Virgult, now playing in LotsOfStuff funk rock band, and bassist Cesare Ferrari.
2) Formerly Wrapped in Plastic, Blindness is a shoegaze band from the UK.
They have released a single, an EP, and a number of demos under the name Wrapped in Plastic.
Currently the band is touring local spots in the United Kingdom.

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Blackmore's Night

Blackmore's Night is an English Renaissance-inspired medieval folk rock band led by UK guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (electric and acoustic guitars) and Candice Night (lyricist and lead vocals). The origins of the band lie in 1990 when Candice was working at a local New York rock music radio station, and as part of her work first encountered Ritchie (now ex-Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist), then with Deep Purple, at a soccer game he was playing in. The two became romantically entwined and discovered that they shared a passionate interest in the Renaissance.

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lovechild are a band from wigan lancashire they made their first album in the late eighties
called TIMELESS it was recently released on cd in 2008 ther are two other albums recordedsince then called BUSINESS AS USUAL and TEARS OF THE GODS
Tears Of The Gods is a song about the destruction of the TRADE CENTRE IN 2011
the first album contained CHILD IN TIME originally but it was decided to replace on cd with NANTUCKET SLEIGHRIDE

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