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Casino Royal

Casino Royal was born in Portugal by the hands of the producer Pedro Janela. After some research he discovers the magnificent voice of Marisa Mena and the project became known as Casino Royal. It’s strongly influenced by the "easy- listening” sound, getting inspiration from the Dolce Vita, the glamorous casino's life, where men and women are surrounded by luxury and money and involve themselves in sensual games. Casino Royal appears like the perfect soundtrack to that scenario. Visually the band shows a vintage look, with a colorful, smooth and sensual image.

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Bell Witch

From the ashes of Sod Hauler and Lethe comes Bell Witch, the newest heavy music project for Seattle based drummer Adrian Guerra and bassist Dylan Desmond (also of Samothrace). Bell Witch's bass and drum only doom metal is extremely bleak and extremely heavy, just as it should be.

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Apricot Rail

One day, after his star sign promised a ‘dynamic’ afternoon, Ambrose Nock (guitar) decided it was the right time to form a band known as Apricot Rail. He was soon joined by Jack Quirk (guitar), Matthew Saville (drums) and Daniel Burt (bass). The premise of the band was simple: music based on unique guitar tunings, the use of natural harmonics, and very open ideas about other instruments, electronica and song structure.

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Versa is your new favourite indie/postrock band from the heart of Belgium. They play a very intense live show, often compared to an emotional hurricane. Points of interest:
- Started playing shows in february 08
- Did about 30 shows in the first year
- Released their selftitled Debut-EP in February 09
- Won the prestigious IFS-bandcontest in Leuven in March
- Went on a 4 day european tour with Dancing On Debris (GER) in April Visit them at:

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Betray the Oracle

Betray The Oracle is a solo Funeral Death Doom project which started in Mount Compass, South Australia. Inspired by bands like Shape of Despair, Mournful Congregation and Evoken.
All instruments and vocals are done by Levi Siegmann.
Betray the Oracle has made it's first proper, physical release through Iron Guardian Industries May 2012. This release is a EP/Split with Flesh Incineration (a solo grindcore project from the USA) called The Funeral Grind on 10" vinyl limited to 25 copies.

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There is more than one band that links to this page: 1. A band from New Bern, North Carolina, USA, which plays a traditional Style of Heavy Metal, with the inclusion of limited elements not indigenous to traditional Heavy Metal. Three members of the band contribute to the vocals, including a female singer. Note that (accurate as of March 6th, 2007) all of the preview tracks on the artist page are for this particular band.

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Chet Faker

Shrouded in secrecy, hidden behind an alias and disguised by a beard, Chet Faker is an artist that enjoys the mystery. Hailing from the tight-knit deep disco scene in Melbourne, Australia and taking elements from an acoustic past, Chet Faker has carved out his own style that fuses personal stories of love and loss with an electronica soul, which reaches far beyond his homeland. Chet quickly came to everyone’s attention when his cover of 'No Diggity' hit number 1 on the worldwide indie music aggregator, Hype Machine.

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