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Ad Brown

Marking a new dawn in British progressive-trance, his precision-built,
evocative electronic soundscapes have fast found the ears of many of the scene’s
leading lights. Prog maestros like Sasha, Nick Warren & Dave Seaman are ardent
supporters, as are forward-thinking trance legionnaires like Ferry Corsten and Gareth
Emery. No less a talent behind a pair of turntables, he has become the warm up
man-of-choice for some of the biggest names one the scene. In the last 3 months of
2009 alone he has supported Calvin Harris and Paul Oakenfold on their respective UK

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The McMash Clan

The McMash Clan are Dudgy, Hallmark and Majorkooms - a unique, exciting and very technical 3 man DJ team based in the UK. Having combined forces in 2005, the trio have intensely focused on DJing as an artform. Pushing creative and technical boundaries, they create epic turntablist rave sets designed to smash dance floors. The Clan use 4 turntables, a CDJ, two mixers and FX. They are best known for their meticulously planned musical journeys; each bar is pre-planned as they cut, scratch, juggle, triple drop and re-edit their way through d’n’b...

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About Trickski
Thursday night, half past 2 in the morning at the Weekend Club, Berlin’s current number one “Hot Spot”. A wild mixture of Chicago and Detroit tunes, almost forgotten dance anthems and upfront house stuff gets the crowd cookin’. Suddenly, Jack Migger jumps on stage and his Hip House Live Action puts the night on a whole new level. Unexpected things happen: hands in the air, groupies screaming and men shaking their rumps wildly! Sweat is running everywhere, even over the laptops of the boys of “Goldener Westen“ who are responsible for the crazy visuals.

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Carbon Parlour

Carbon Parlour is a UK based music producer. Her electro house and jackin' house sounds have made it onto Kissy Sell Outs BBC show, Charles Feelgoods Top 10 on Beatport and have also earned her a number 3 spot on Trackitdowns charts. Signed to labels such as Jack Union, WoNKed and Bone Idle Records she has had multiple EP and remix releases since 2008. In September 2010 she founded Bone Idle Records.

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