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alfa-d is an italian band created by Alfredo and Diego Salvati in 2006. they compose music since they were kids and during the years they have been changing their way to see the music world so many times, opening their mind to different types of influences.. Their debout album The Summer of my life is composed by eleven tracks: a smooth, delicate acoustic pop
that let's the listener have a journey in his deep part of soul, reflexively and joyfully.

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Pam Shaffer

Armed with a delicious blend of delicate piano lines and biting lyrics, Pam Shaffer’s new album “It Is Happening Again” is packed with sweeping emotion and evocative stories. Pam is a singer of lullabies sprung from a sunken pirate ship, a pixie with a haunting voice, nimble fingers, and a killer shoe collection. A rare LA native, she has always had a taste for the eccentricities of life, sporting her great aunt’s costume jewelry to school as a child while delighting in a musical backdrop of Chopin, folk tunes and the requisite pop of the 80’s.

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