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There are more than 1 artists with this name. [1] Shlomo is a human beatbox artist from Leeds. He has worked with artists such as Björk and his own hip hop crew Foreign Beggars. He attended the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. He is known for pioneering original beatboxing techniques including his 2-mic trancebox routine which won him widespread respect in the international beatbox community. Shlomo is also one of the key people behind the global beatbox portal

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Captain are an English band from London, UK, who formed in early 2005. They perform a range of alternative pop songs, getting their musical influences from groups such as the Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure. The band was signed to EMI achieving minor chart success in 2006 with their singles Broke and Glorious, which reached numbers 34 and 30, respectively on the UK Top 40. Their début album, This Is "Hazelville," reached number 23 on the UK Albums Chart.

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Melancholy Moose Society

"we were eating pop tarts in a small log cabin in L.A when suddenly an earth quake struck and we became stranded and trapped in the log cabin for that time we formed a band and made our instruments from icecream tubs, elastic bands, empty pringle tubs and bottles of dr.pepper..... Thankfully we survived by drinking our own urine and catching clumsy free and back in the U.K we play beautiful tunes to over come the stressful time in far we have supported lots of great talent.

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