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Shut Up And Dance

Shut Up And Dance - british breakbeat pioneers from scratch. Started with Hip Hop tunes and set up a soundsystem with DJ Hype but soon they integrated House and Techno influences and sped up the beats. With Reinforced SUAD could count as inventors of UK Hardcore. Early classics like Lamborghini, 10 Pounds To Get In, Greenman, The Art Of Moving Butts or the famous Raving I'm Raving saved them a place in the Hall Of Fame of UK Hardcore. After having problems with several unauthorized samples their own label "Shut Up And Dance" disappeared - but rose again from the dust in the last few years.

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Leon Somov

Leon Somov has been creating music for more than 10 years. His musical carrier began in a metal band, and much later he became a member of a popular Lithuanian rock band InCulto. At present, he is studying audio engineering in SAE institute in London. A FREE Leon Somov feat. Jazzu: Offline Remixed (Sutemos021) and Leon Somov feat. Jazzu: Offline EP (Sutemos018) is available for download at Sutemos Netlabel. More info:

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Don Rimini

First Don Rimini made all of us freak the fuck out. Then he got radical on us. Now he kicks us in the face... and runs away. You wish he kicked us just once...but with his third release, the Kick'n Run EP, Don Rimini terrorizes dancefloors. that's the same dude who attacked fiercly with his Absolutely Rad EP and the infamous track "Let Me Back Up" which has been a fixture on dj sets by Busy P, MSTRKRFT, 2 Many DJs, Digitalism, Tiga, A-Trak, Aaron Lacrate, and Diplo among others.

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Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey rolled onto the scene in early 2012 with their debut release "Ah Baby (Here We Go Again)" EP on Petfood Recordings. Their sound could be described as MK meets Todd Terry meets the spirit of Tony Humphries at Zanzibar Club and it's a sound that has caused quite a stir with tastemakers across the board, with the likes of Lazaro Casanova, Friendly Fires, Bicep and Danny Daze all bigging them up.

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Knee Deep

Sebastian Döring (AKA Superbird) started his career as a remixer and producer under the name of TBA. Together with Daniel Klein (AKA Gucciman), in the late 90's they formed a first successful project: Kiez Kidz, named as a hint of the city of Hamburg where they produced. At the same time, Sebastian Döring and Torsten Freese (AKA Toddie) met in the club life of Hamburg and both together started the Knee Deep partnership.

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Kresy (Alejandro Rodríguez), born in 1980 in Asturias, Spain is an electronic music producer signed to Hivern Discs label. His 2010 debut for the Barcelona label was 'Many Man', included on the EP "Hivern A L'Estiu Vol.2". January 2012 saw the release of his first extended "Lords Of Percussion". Shortly after, "En Bypass", was included on "Hivern Jacking Tapes Vol.1". A further four track EP "Basement Trax" surface at the end of the year.

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