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Air Castles

'Air Castles' is the solo project of Max Mansson. Max was born in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to London, England at an early age where he still lives. Air Castles' debut EP 'Night and Day' was recorded at Tonteknik Recording in Umeå by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of Luna. It was self released on Max's own label 'Winter Hymns Records' in December 2008.

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Made in Manchester and signed to the late Factory records by Tony Wilson 'Shall We Take A Trip?' (Fac 268)
'My Rising Star' (Fac 298)
'Take 5' (Fac 308) 'Chicken Rhythms' (Fac 310)
'Chicken Rhythms' + Extras (LTMCD 2386) A Bit On The Side - Northside Biography In another world, Northside would have become the next great Factory band after Joy Division / New Order and Happy Mondays, going from strength to strength throughout the 1990s.

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Colleen Green

Colleen Green always wears sunglasses onstage. Colleen Green is long hair and getting high. Colleen Green's first full-length for Hardly Art, Sock it to Me, is grounded in pure pop. Colleen Green's multi-tracked, emotive vocals take an enormous leap forward, evoking all-time heroes such as Rose Melberg and Tina Weymouth, with every drum-machine-tracked song awash in the dreamy slacker romanticism of California.

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The Xcerts

THE XCERTS; story began around the turn of the century when then 13-year-olds Murray MacLeod (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Smith (bass, vocals) met in the headmaster’s office of their school in Aberdeen. In 2006 they relocated to Brighton and met drummer and Exeter exile Tom Heron, where the line-up of THE XCERTS was finalised. After a barrage of dates with Future of the left, Bat for Lashes, Biff Clyro, Make Model, Cage the Elephant, Brakes, Get Cape.Wear Cape.

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Harting are a young band based near Brighton, UK. After forming in early 2011, consisting of Fletcher, 16, Sam, 15 and Luke 16, the band have played in venues all over the South east, including Tubman - Hastings, De la Warr - Bexhill, The Greenhouse - Eastbourne, as well as many venues in Brighton. They released their first 2 track demo in mid 2012, consisting of 'Innocence', and 'Wired': The songs are filled with intricate melodies, up tempo beats with a dark-beach style twist. Harting will continue to write and start playing a vast line up of shows in the UK later on this year.

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Doves are a rock band from Manchester, United Kingdom consisting of two brothers, guitarist Jez Williams, drummer Andy Williams and lead vocalist/bassist Jimi Goodwin. They are joined on stage by Martin Rebelski (keys). They are known for their large, epic sound, which combines dovetailing guitar lines with driving percussion and a penchant for atmospherics. Unusually, both Williams brothers have also contributed lead vocals.

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brighter arrows

"Brighter Arrows formed in the summer of 2010 as a project between Jake Norris and John Olds. Eventually Colin May was recruited and Owen Mallon was brought in for bass duties. Jamie Dougherty originally contributed synthesizer and piano parts but in February of 2010, he began taking over on bass when Mallon departed from the group."
- Bobby Markos, Sun is Everywhere

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Tin Pot Operation

Let's start with the politics. Tin Pot Operation are angry. Angry about injustice, about oppression, about poverty, about unnecessary wars and abitrary power and corporate arrogance. But anger doesn't trap them into incoherent tirades. They are expressive and articulate, and what's more, their love of music flows over every word they sing. It's clear that they're inspired by punk in its directness and sincerity, but there's a lot of pop in there as well: harmonies, hooks and toe-tapping tunes. You can dance to pretty much all of it.

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Prinzhorn Dance School

Prinzhorn Dance School are Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn. Their music is sparse, uncompromising and idiosyncratic. They are signed to the New York record label DFA. Their debut release for the label was a self recorded and self produced 7-inch single featuring the tracks "You Are The Space Invader" and "Eat, Sleep" which is now highly sought after as it was limited to 500 copies only. Prinz and Horn recorded their debut album in isolation, in a rented barn in Sussex, having already written the songs in the disused chapel building they call home, also entirely on their own.

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