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The Barker Band

The Barker Band started when twin brothers Jake and Sam Barker began playing bluegrass with their dad, Lenny and their oldest friend, Laurie Sherman. It wasn't long before they started writing and recording their own songs, drawing on influences from bluegrass, rock, country and blues. The band made their live debut in 2004 and by 2005 the band had expanded to include vocalist Nella Johnson and bass player Tom Wright. Drummer, Ru Shreeve, joined the band in 2006.

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Casey Edward Denman

Casey Edward Denman is a musician and songwriter currently based on the South East Coast of England. After years of moving between the outer environs and bustle of London, Brighton and Scotland, he finally settled in the small seaside town of Eastbourne where his music had the space to fully bloom and come to fruition.

Casey grew up in a musical environment and began playing music at a young age. He exhibited a natural flair for stringed instruments, most notably the guitar and banjo, then later grew to include the balalaika, saz, and mandolin amongst his repertoire.

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Lahars is the musical project of Simon Thomas, formerly of Score One For Safety. Using loops pedals, reverb and delay, Lahars creates post rock sound scapes from guitars and vocals.

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Jack McKeever

Once upon a time,outsiders flocked to NY's East Village to forge new
directions in music. This was a time when no one would associate Avril
Lavigne with punk or DYI alternative music with any formula. This time
has mostly passed away except for the modern masters, who still follow
their own artistic muse with complete disregard for the values of the
market place.These highly developed voices still forge their music with
no allegiance outside of the the voice of their muse.
Jack McKeever is one of these entities. Sophisticated, deeply connected

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NinosKika is the combined outled for the alt.folk/country songs of Samuel Leonard Keith Leonard and Jess Wilson, with added instrumentation from Cally Gibson, Thomas G.J Sharpe and formerly Simon Drinkwater. Formed in Falmouth, UK in Spring of 2007 and originally associated with Lono Records, the band now live in separate parts of the UK, and are planning a series of shows in support of their forthcoming, long awaited release. For more information go to

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The Pines

There are multiple bands called "The Pines". See also Pines. 1. crystal palace, london, uk:-
The Pines are Pamela Berry and Joe Brooker, and release(d) records on Matinée. They are headquartered in the South London enclave of Crystal Palace and they throw the best parties on the planet.
* MusicBrainz
* Biography/Discography 2. Indiana/Chicago, USA:-
John R. Niles and Tony De Perio met in the indiana heartland through the small town circuit of drinking, womanizing and general debauchery.

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