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There are three bands called Venice: 1. Venice was started in 1977 by cousins Michael and Kipp Lennon. Michael's brother Mark joined the band in 1978, followed by Kipp's brother Pat in 1980. Their music has been described as the "Southern California sound of the 1970s" in the vein of the Eagles and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Venice is quite popular in The Netherlands and have toured there multiple times. The members of Venice are: Kipp Lennon - lead vocals
Mark Lennon - lead vocals
Michael Lennon - electric & acoustic guitar, vocals

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SWIM are Joe Boyle and Richard Williams. Since a chance meeting in their adolescent years, the duo have been making music together. Surrounded by records of over 60 years of popular music, and trying to make the grey London skies feel like warmer climes an ocean away, the band are influenced by the synths and styles of their 80s heroes, from the likes of Talking Heads and New Order to the lush shoegaze discord of My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. Crafting escapist, sun-kissed pop, SWIM garner their own, original sound, complemented by an endearing, soaring vocal.

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Veil Cassini

Veil Cassini have been tearing up the local live circuit in their current line up for just over a year, whilst their energetic frontmen and songwriting combo consisting of brothers Hayd & Aaron Brown, has been together a little while longer still...... An extremely devoted and hard working band with a strong DIY ethos, their music is best described as British meets American Alternative Rock Punk that has "a healthy obsession with all things post..." (7/10 Rock Sound, August 2008).

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Richard Wigglesworth

Richard Wigglesworth is a Bristol based electronic musician. He makes Cinematic Acid music. Richard started making music in the 1990s. early four track experiments paved the way for electronic music based on beats and soundshaping. The music was within a techno framework but with break beat overtones. Richard performed two gigs in London at the turn of the millennium - firstly at the acclaimed Sprawl night (London's underground playground and test-tube for new sound) and then at Moon Palace near Kings Cross alongside Pilote and DJs from expanding records.

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There are at least three bands named Redivider! 1. An electronic musician residing in San Francisco, California. Originally from the Boston area, Robert Baker has been working under the moniker "redivider" since 2002.
2. an experimental band from Chicago, Illinois, United States
3. a 60s/70s influenced guitar band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1997-2001) 1. The American Redivider has three band members: Emily Chimiak, Trevor Teich and Clifton Izui.

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David Martin

Ten songs for ten years – that’s what started it all. David Martin married his high-school sweetheart, and to celebrate their ten-year wedding anniversary, he wrote her ten sweet, powerful love songs. It wasn’t long before these songs ended up in the hands of the CEO of Astonish Records, and soon David found himself in the studio, turning those ten love songs into his debut record, Something in Your Eyes.

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Grant Campbell

Grant Campbell is a Scottish singer-songwriter living in Glasgow.

2005 saw the release of his debut album ‘Postcards from Nowhere’ on a small local independent label.

The album was recorded on a four track at home in Clydebank over several years. It was all recorded, performed and mixed by Campbell. These thirteen tracks made up a debut that even despite a low key release managed to accomplish an impressive array of press attention including the holy grail of UK reviews, “Album of the Week” in The Sunday Times.

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Justin King

Justin King is a self-taught guitarist, renowned for his percussive solo acoustic style which mixes elements of Flamenco, Jazz, Celtic, Classical, and African music. In 2001, King released Le Bleu. Named after the road on which he lived growing up, Le Bleu dramtically expanded on his acoustic instrumental abilities; out of the nineteen tracks, only one (Ashes) features vocals. The album, though independently released, would receive critical acclaim from many who heard it , and helped to expand Justin's fanbase.

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1) Barefoot is the brainchild of singer Sam Obernik (best known for her work with Tim Deluxe on his It Just Wont Do hit) and legendary producer and remixer Tommy D. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the dance world and more conventional musicianship and song writing through reinterpretations of club classics. Their self titled debut album bubbles with energy, invention and fun and includes White Lines , Born Slippy, It's Like That, Hideaway, Lazy and It Just Won t Do.

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