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One String Loose

Celtic Fusion tune masters from Wales Band members: -Scott McKeon: Fiddle, Banjo
-Joe Brady: Whistles
-Jack Stewart: Guitars, Bodhran
-Baz Barwick: Bass
-Owen Emmanuel: Drums

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The Deep Kicks

The Deep Kicks are a funky folky blues-pop band currently based in the sunny town of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK. Their brand of catchy tunage mixed with blissful bluesy soul is loved by all who hear it so catch them out playing when you can! They are made up of... Rob Cooper - Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica
Keith Lacey - Vocals/Guitar/Lap-Steel Guitar/Banjo
Andy Cains - Drums/Percussion/Cider-related Violence
Lewis Childs - Bass/Backing Vocals

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Kieran Halpin

Travelling Irish folk-rock singer-songwriter and acoustic guitar player with a blues feel. His concerts are about pure music on acoustic guitar, unlike the older studio work you hear here. The track Mission Street (reprise) will appeal to those who like Japanese Anime Soundtracks. CD's that give an impression of Kieran's concerts: 'Glory Dayz' (1995) live with Chris Jones (RIP) on lead acoustic guitar, and 'Akoustik' (1992) with Jimmy Faulkner (RIP) on lead acoustic guitar (ex-Christy Moore and Paul Brady bands).

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Kim Doo Soo

Kim Doo Soo (???) is a modern Korean folk musician, who was only famous in deep underground scene. But in recent years, his 4th. album "Free Spirit" gained high expectation, and became more & more famous. His vocal & music style are very unique.

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Good Old War

The second self-titled album by Pennsylvania indie-rock trio Good Old War is at its lush heart, an album of immense growth. A natural evolution from the band's debut Only Way to Be Alone (Sargent House), Good Old War radiates with warmth and vulnerability, both qualities undoubtedly cultivated by the band's hands-on self-production, and the environment of solitude in which the album was created.

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Black Flowers

Wyrd Brit folk 'supergroup' centred around Alex Neilson and Lavinia Blackwall, a couple who have also graced other projects, Trembling Bells and Directing Hand. Lavinia also plays harp, psaltery and organ. Michael Flower plays guitar and Glaswegian singer/songwriter Alasdair Roberts, plays guitar and shares vocals with Lavinia on the traditional "Polly On The Shore". Their 2009 album "I Grew From A Stone To A Statue".

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