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The band Hjaltalín began as a one-act thing in the music scene of MH, a Reykjavík gymnasium that is renowned for harboring musicians. Things have evolved since then, personnel changed, and the band has actually changed course regarding musical styles in the meantime, although the band is certainly hard to categorize with influences ranging from modern indie rock to 60’s pop music to classical music.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Kenny was the name used by Irish singer Tony Kenny who had two Top 40 hits in the UK in 1973 (Heart Of Stone and Give It To Me Now). 2) Kenny were a UK vocal/instrumental group who hit the UK charts during 1974/5. Their biggest hit, The Bump, featured vocals by Barry Palmer; other hits included Fancy Pants and Julie Anne. 3) Kenny is a german Rap-Crew from Hamburg/Germany which consist of Falk Hogan, Pat Cash and DJ Strip-Teaz. 4) Kenny is a Gaithersburg punk who makes solo music and also plays in the band TIIIMMMBBBEERRRRR

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Z Stacks

Originating from Medway, Z Stacks made their live debut in August 2010.
Mixing Garage, Blues & Punk, Z Stacks songs are highly infectious and easily encourage the crowd to have fun, dance and chant.
Before 2011 is done, Z Stacks plan to have their Debut EP completed and released.
They confidently expect world domination to swiftly follow. Members include; Spike Direction - Vocals
Wild Johnny Bubonic - Guitar
Rick "The Silver Machine" Falconer - Guitar
Cyanide Jones - Bass

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Mother Of God

One day, Daniel had a vision. He was lying in his cold trench outside Stockholms gates, being trained to become a ruthless killingmachine. He looked back at the time when the music brought happiness to his life. Meanwhile in a little town called Ludvika in Dalecarlia, the school tired drummer Jimmy found himself trapped in his own misery. He felt that something was missing. Both Jimmy and Daniel looked back on the time in their old band Blacktears and thought of the solidarity and joy that only exists in a band.

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