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The Mods

(The Norwegian band "MODS" have also been labeled as The Mods, which causes confusion.) CORRECTION:
This particular band named The Mods (which is a band from Japan) did not record "You've Got Another Think Coming" that song was recorded in 1966 on the PECK Record label by The Mods (from Toledo, Ohio). Please correct your tags!
The Mods 「ザ・モッズ」are a Japanese punk rock band, formed in 1974. The band consists of 森山達也(Tatsuya Moriyama - Vocals and Guitar), 苣木寛之(Hiroyuki Chisaki - Guitar and Vocals), and 北里晃一(Koichi Kitazato - Bass).(ex member 梶浦雅裕(Masahiro Kajiura - Drums))

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Rio is an Italian band formed in 2001.
The guitarist Marco Ligabue is the brother of the very popular singer Luciano Ligabue.
The band is composed by: Fabio Mora (vocals)
Marco Ligabue (guitar)
Bronski (Fabio Ferraboschi) (bass)
Dj Bart (Alle Bartoli) (dj)
Cesare Barbi (drums)
2) Rio is a peruvian band 3) Rio is a Reggae/Rock/Funk band From Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Your Favorite Enemies

When Alex Foster (vocals), Jeff Beaulieu (guitar), Sef (guitar), Ben Lemelin (bass), Miss Isabel (vocals and keys) and Charles Moose Allicy (drums) got together to form Your Favorite Enemies in 2006 in Montreal, they decided to manage every single aspect of the band's career based on their community values and their "do it yourself" attitude. Already known for their commitment towards human rights...

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Confessions Of A Traitor

Confessions Of A Traitor are a 5 piece Metalcore/ Hardcore band from Essex and Surrey, UK. The band formed in February 2013 through their mutual love of metal. The band recorded their début EP in August 2013 which is free to download via
They have gained a reputation for a tight and energetic live show.
The band consists of Stephen MacConville Vocals, Chris Wallace Guitar/Vocals, Jack Darnell Guitar, Tony Nagle Bass and jay ellis Drums.

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