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There are currently two artists known as Cressida: 1. A British progressive rock group formed in 1969, best known for a mellow, symphonic sound and heavy use of the Mellotron keyboard. They released two great LPs titled Cressida (1970) and Asylum (1971). 2. An electronic dance producer/DJ duo from Munich, Germany comprised of Matthias Baumann & Roland Geringer, with tracks appearing on labels such as AVA Recordings and Euphonic. They have also been known to produce under the name of Callisto.

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Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound

Back in the day a classic rock band was judged on good songs, good musicianship, good showmanship and a willingness to try new ideas – in other words to not be too predictable! It was these core values that brought original band members Gareth Nugent (vocals), Mako (guitar), Lawrence Santi (bass) and Russell Gilbrook (drums) together to form Gentlemen Of Distorted Sound in 2006. With influences ranging from 70’s classic rock to the 90’s grunge explosion the band set about honing their sound and writing songs.

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The Galipaygos

The Galipaygos are a six piece alt-country/Americana group based in Inverness, Scotland. Formed in 2003, the band has released three albums: Look no Heartbreak (2004), Trucker Chic (2005) and The Demise Of Gary Lip-Gloss. Their influences span the 1960s/1970s country rock of The Byrds, Bob Dylan, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Band; and contemporary Americana acts like Ryan Adams, Calexico and Wilco.

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There are at least two artists called Maxim: 1) Keith Palmer (born 21 March 1967), best known as Maxim or Maxim Reality, is an MC of the British electronica/rave band The Prodigy. He is known for his fierce style of appearance in both music videos and live shows, often wearing scary contact lenses and kilts. His fierce style is also vibrant in the lyrical sense; in live shows he is known to scream and shout to hype up the audience.

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The Moguls formed in Liverpool in 2007 and are now a regular on the local music scene. The trio have created their own sound which has produced some emotive and well received gigs in the heart of Liverpool. The band has a rare formation of two front men, Phil and Steve, who offer a diverse sound. They both play the keys and guitar and with the ever steady drummer Chris create some beautiful and uplifting songs.

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