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We The Machines

We the Machines are a 4 piece rock band from Exeter. They were keen to break the mould and play something a bit different to what's round at the moment. We the Machines consists of - Ash Taylor - Vocals, Guitar
Dan Guest - Guitar
Sam Hollis - Bass
Karl Griffin - Drums The band sadly decided to spilt in February 2010, however later reformed with the same line-up in early 2011 with the release of 'Lights', thier first release since the original EP release in 2010.

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Since forming in Los Angeles in 2005, Shields have created a uniquely vivid offshoot of the 1990s’ ‘Shoegaze’ sound (My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Ride etc.,) focusing on accessible melody and song craft rather than burying themselves beneath swirling effects. Always dynamic, Shields juxtapose crystalline lead lines and introspective melodic vocals with vast guitar-drenched barrages of sound fueled by adrenalized drumming.

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RANT (formerly known as Yeast Dough) is an Emocore/Metalcore-Band from Kapfenberg, Austria, consisting of Martin Weber (vocals), Christian Seidinger (guitar), Joachim Hofer (bass) and Christian Hollik (drums). RANT was founded in 1999. Since May 2002 the lineup didnt change. From that time the band from Kapfenberg, Austria was permanently increasing its popularity in its home region and in whole Austria.

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There are seven artists with this name: one Brazilian act, one American, one Slovenian, one English, one Japanese and two Dutch. Each of them play a different genre of music. The 1st Harry hails from Brazil. Founded in 1985, Harry was born in the city of Santos in Sao Paulo. With Hansenharryebm on vocals and guitar, Cesar Di Giacomo on drums and Richard Johnsson in the bass, the group began a career playing rock "noisy" sung in English.

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Straw Dogs

There are multiple artists with this name 1. Straw Dogs unleashed a fury of hardcore-laden metal-tinged garage-band kick-ass rock and roll. Between 1986 and 1991 they released two 12"s on Restless/Enigma named, Straw Dogs and Under the Hammer consecutively and one 12" with a CD version on Lone Wolf entitled Your Own Worst Nightmare. Laughably, not one of the downloadable albums or tracks listed and very few of the non-downloadable tracks listed on are by the Boston-based Straw Dogs.

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Call the Doctor

Bristol-based Call The Doctor began in August 2008 when singer Patti Hart relocated from Wellington, NZ to the UK and met songwriter and guitarist Rob Hallworth. After a few simple home demos, further members were sought and Chris Davis (bass) and John Raftery (drums) joined the now complete band. The band is born of a mutual love of dirty sounds and sensual rhythms and are hotly tipped as "ones to watch". Comparisons have been made with PJ Harvey, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleater-Kinney.

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There are three known artists sharing the same name.
1. Tasty Jamz from Atlanta, Georgia. 2. An instrumental progressive group from the United States 3. An underground black metal project from the United States 4. A hardcore band from Newcastle, Australia 1. 2. Caverns are an instrumental progressive/math rock trio from Washington D.C. with a prominent piano sound. The line-up consists of Patrick Taylor (piano), Kevin Hillard (guitar) and Ross Hurt (drums).

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