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Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice (born 1957) is an American experimental sound artist, archivist, actor, photographer, prankster and writer best known for his pioneering industrial noise music under the name Non and Boyd Rice and Friends. he has collaborated with numerous artists. For a WEALTH of info, see Boyd's official website at

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Ill Ease

Ill Ease, from Brooklyn New York, is the one-woman band in which Elizabeth Sharp plays guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, shaker, car horn and anything else that rattles, buzzes, shakes or hums in a riff-o-matic racket – all in “a flurry of intoxication” (Plan B). Ill Ease began as a recording project when an old 8-track, a haunted piano and a guitar amp with no off-switch for the vibrato were left in an abandoned auto shop in Brooklyn.

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Dudley Perkins

As a vocal muse for Madlib’s creations, Dudley is unmatched; he’s earned first pick at Madlib’s prized beat collections. Just like Madvillain or Quasimoto, the Dudley/Madlib combination is a facet unto its own – on par with the most illustrious collaboration projects in Madlib’s catalog. His dynamic sophomore effort, entitled Expressions (2012 A.U.), takes an extended detour in the direction of Parliament’s Mothership Connection. The funk is strong this time around – as is the soul music that brought tears to the eyes of Dudley’s and Madlib’s aunts and uncles back in the golden days.

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