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The Despondents

After becoming disillusioned with their hometown of Leeds and its fame-obsessed music scene (particularly following the mainstream success of fame-chasers The Kaiser Chiefs), The Despondents formed in the summer of 2006. Taking their cues from punk bands past and present their aim is to bring us short sharp garage punk tunes that hit you like an atom bomb. And boy do they deliver. Shuddering basslines, screeching guitars, insane vocals and a drummer who makes Keith Moon seem like a choirboy! Each song is filled with its own self belief and expectation.

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No Dice

There are three bands with the name No Dice. 1)No Dice are a Hardcore band from the UK. Their current line-up is:
Spencer James - Vocals
James Muschamp - Bass
Pedro Mahaki - Guitar
Max D'Albiac - Drums 2) No Dice (CA) were a thrash/fastcore/hardcore/whatever band from the San Francisco Bay Area. They only had one 7" released by 625, the "Suffer" EP. 3) No Dice were a late 70s rock n' roll band. The line up consisted of:
Roger Ferris - singer
David Martin - guitars, harmonica
Gary Strange - Bass

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