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The Peacocks

The Peacocks are a punk/psychobilly/rockabilly band from Switzerland and the current members are: Hasu Langhard (vocals/guitar), Simon Langhard (upright bass) and Jürg Luder (drums). The first show happened in 1990. The band back then was on guitar, on drums and on double bass. It was very rockabilly orientated poppy psychobilly with lots of cover versions. After playing a few birthday parties, The Peacocks sort of broke up because Michi quit the band, but The Peacocks restarted one year later when Simon, Hasu's brother, who learned the double bass, joined the band.

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Blue Demon

"One of the best psychobilly bands around....a traditional psychobilly sound but supercharged with aggression and skillful execution.." - The nice people at Rockers "Whipping up a storm in the Liverpool scene...this maniacal wrecking crew are leading the charge of the British rockabilly movement headfirst into the dark side and loving every minute of it." - Big Cheese Magazine "Blue Demon swagger and shake in all the right places!" - Rocksound Magazine "Watch out, BLUE DEMON could become one of the leaders of the European psychobilly scene." - GoPsycho Online

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“Technicolour rock, in the age of beige” Beat magazine Fireballs are recognised by many as Australia’s first and foremost psychobilly band, a reputation credited to their early beginnings and their present longevity. From inception the idea was to capture a flavour that would recognise their original rockabilly roots and their love of playing hard ‘n’ fast. Heavily influenced by double bass driven international bands, such as The Stray Cats, Batmobile, Mad Sin and the Klingonz, Fireballs ambitiously aimed to carve out their own niche in a smaller Melbourne scene.

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There are several bands using this name: 1) Relentless is a Punk band from Joensuu, Finland.
2) Relentless is a Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia.
3) Relentless is a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Sweden.
4) Harnessing the power of old and new technology, Relentless -- based out of San Francisco, California -- produces aggressive, dramatic house music that comprises an intelligent balance between pop and underground styles.

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