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Blue Orchids

Martin Bramah teamed up with Una Baines to form The Blue Orchids late in 1979, in Manchester, England. Bramah’s voice whether wailing, shouting, or calling is always looking for a different angle, another way of being. Una’s strung-out keyboard playing, flowing and soaring, weaving around Martin’s inventive, discordant guitar patterns. The overall effect created a madcap cathedral of sound.

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Wild Swans

The 'Wild Swans' were MK1. (1980-1982) Paul Simpson/Jeremy Kelly/Ged Quinn Mk2. (1985-1989) Paul Simpson/Jeremy Kelly/Joe Fearon
Biography: Tumble from the sky... A Wild Swans flight log
(taken from the 'Incandescent' sleeve notes) There were and always will be three core members of the Wild Swans: Jeremy Kelly (guitar), Gerard Quinn (keyboards) and Paul Simpson (vocals). Paul had played keyboards in The Teardrop Explodes - and Ged had replaced him for a while. Jeremy was the youngest member and this was his first serious group.

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The Blue Orchids

The Blue Orchids were formed in 1979 in Manchester, England by Martin Bramah and Una Baines, both formerly of The Fall. They were joined by Rick Goldstraw, guitar, Steve Toyne on bass and Joe Kin on drums. With this line up, they recorded the singles "The Flood" and "Work" for rough trade records.
The group underwent a series of personnel changes before the release of their album "The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain" (1981), which faetured Bramah, Baines (keyboards), Goldstraw (now on bass) and Toby Toman on drums. This line up also released an ep, "Agents of Change" in 1982.

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Yeah Yeah Noh

Yeah Yeah Noh were a group formed in Leicester, England in 1984. They released two albums and five singles while still together, and have had two compilation albums issued since they split in 1986. The group reformed in 2011, an announcement appearing on the Cherry Red Records website: "STOP PRESS: Yeah Yeah Noh are back together and are playing live as of summer 2012, on the lookout for 'interesting gigs in fields; gardens with expansive lawns considered'."

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