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DJ Coone is a pseudonym of Koen Bauweraerts (born 30th of May, 1983). A Belgian DJ, from the municipality of Turnhout. He started his career when he was 12 years old making music on his keyboard and had the feeling for making good riddles, and together with his friend Marijn Venmans he made his first single called "Protect The Innocent". After some live gigs he decided to focus more on DJing. His music is a style called jump, a subgenre of harddance.

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Hey You Guys

Hey You Guys are a band set to grab the UK music scene and stamp their very own sound to it. Although compared to bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals, HYG are very much a band of their own. Having played shows with the likes of The Blackout, All Or Nothing, Save Your Breath, Me Vs. Hero, The Plight and Exit Avenue to name a few, it’s fair to say HYG can fit many a bill. HYG compliment their infectious and upbeat tunes with moments that can turn the room chaotic.

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