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Roms aka Harry Potar

He started to piss off his parents by make unconventionnal music @ 12 (immediately making them regret to have bought him some musical hardware... no I'm joking, mom, dad and dad are very proud), first liveset @ 19, thereway converting all his friends to musical production. he made his first record @ 23. He played geeky lives for years, hiding behind his computer screen, clicking with his mouse at almost speed of light (the fluctuations created this way were maybe a possible cause for his famous "black holes" during parties, alcohol being another non-negligible factor)

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DJ Coone is a pseudonym of Koen Bauweraerts (born 30th of May, 1983). A Belgian DJ, from the municipality of Turnhout. He started his career when he was 12 years old making music on his keyboard and had the feeling for making good riddles, and together with his friend Marijn Venmans he made his first single called "Protect The Innocent". After some live gigs he decided to focus more on DJing. His music is a style called jump, a subgenre of harddance.

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