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Rifles And Diamonds

Rifles And Diamonds formed in early 2011. Following initial lineup changes, the band found its feet and unique style, with a blend between classic guitars, modern indie-rock and pop hooks. Their debut two-track EP was released on June 3rd 2011, earning them much praise and attention locally. Following a Summer of relentless live performances at venues all across South Wales, the band recorded their follow-up EP, "Diamonds", which was released September 17th 2011 through a headline slot at Newport's Le Pub.

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Me and the Beast

About Me And The Beast "ME AND THE BEAST - They're from London but this left field lyrical electro pop has a Bjork like eccentricity, Kate Bush enigmatics in the vocals, and even a touch of the Abbas in the music….piano, electro keyboards with bit of Fiery Furnaces quirkiness. Really original, weird and wonderful songs. Very unselfconscious and hypnotic." Bugbear Carly. Vocals
Ash. Vocals and Keyboards
Damo. Guitars
Wooky. VDrums More info at

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Paris Riots

Paris Riots are an instrumental ambient post rock trio from England. They mix the epic post sounds of Sigur Ros and This Will Destroy You with the more frantic and fast paced elements of bands such as 65daysofstatic. The band formed in early 2007. Brothers Sam and David Butler along with Brett Wright make up the band. Paris Riots released their self titled debut EP early in summer 2008 recording at Moonbase Studios.

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There is more than one artist by the name "E": 1 E's real name is Mark Oliver Everett and he is the driving force behind the band Eels. He released two solo albums under the moniker "E": Broken Toy Shop and A Man Called E. 2 E is also the name of a Chinese alternative rock band. 3 E was also a punk rock band from Caracas, Venezuela that existed around mid 2002-mid 2003 that featured Archi from atte and IL from Boom Boom Clan,Las Américas, La Fiera Del Viniland Los Druppies.

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There are three artists named Lorna 1) A studio project from England featuring Mark Rolfe, Sharon Cohen-Rolfe, Matt Harrison, Andy Bullock and Paul Skinner. Signed to the US label Words On Music. 2) A female rapper and reggaeton artist from Panama 3) A Konkani language playback singer from Goa, India 1) Lorna was originally formed as a studio project in 1997 by Nottingham, England songwriter Mark Rolfe, gradually expanding over the years to a quartet.

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Twofold was a UK band comprising of Danny Barnes, Lindsay Corstorphine, Simon Kiely and John Wright, on drums, guitar, bass and guitar respectively. All members at one time played a part in fronting a song vocally, so the notion of a 'frontman' or 'lead singer' as such was irrelevant. After beginning with a sound rooted in pop-punk and post-hardcore acts such as Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music, their sound began to shift towards heavy use of keyboards and strong flourishes of the sound of JR Ewing and Q and Not U.

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