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The Sydney, Australia experimental rock band formerly known as Pivot, now having changed their name to PVT due to legal rights, are a 3 piece band based in London and Sydney. PVT were formed as a purely improvisational 5 piece band in Sydney 1999 by brothers Richard Pike and Laurence Pike. The band spent the subsequent four years developing their sound and working on their debut, with guitarist Richard Pike producing.

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Matt The Electrician

The Mostly True Bio of Matt the Electrician Mussed hair and work clothes be damned, Matt Sever's been known to schlep directly to gigs disheveled from his real-life day-job: keeping people wired and lit. Yet the moniker is more than just a humorous takeoff on life's realities. Born Matt the Electrician on a frosty San Francisco morn, Matt and his family soon moved to Oregon in search of culture, nice weather and vineyards.

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