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Ash Victim

Ash Victim is a singer-songwriter who plays stripped down acoustic folk-punk consisting mainly of vocals and acoustic guitar with a strong DIY ethic. He started out busking in the streets of Jersey (channel Island) playing a mixture of covers and originals. In August 2011 he moved to Basingstoke, England, where he continued to busk, began putting more effort into his original music and playing as many shows as possible.

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Jordan Delap

Jordan Delap is a singer-songwriter from Jersey Channel Island, now based in Basingstoke, England. When playing live he will most likely be playing acoustic guitar and singing. One way to describe his music is acoustic folk punk with ska/reggae influences.
He started off writing songs for the band Clockwork Sodomy and in 2009 started playing acoustic guitar by himself and busking to earn a bit of cash, this developed into him writing acoustic songs and playing them regularly at local gigs. He still busks and is always looking for gigs to play at.

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Improvising duo from Canberra, Australia featuring Shoeb Ahmad and Evan Dorrian. Their sound is rooted in free jazz and micro-sound as well as bands like Fugazi and The Ex, utilising loops and processed melodies to build their songforms from. On any given night, they can work their pieces into ambient passages or post-punk riots. They have toured Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, playing shows with the likes of Adrian Klumpes, My Disco, Cleptoclectics, Akta Angkasa and many others.

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