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Christina Martin

Recent 2012 Music Nova Scotia Award Winner
Female Artist Recording of the Year (Sleeping With A Stranger) This ECMA award-winning artist has been attracting Roots/Rock listeners across North America and Europe for nearly a decade. An eminent singer songwriter and storyteller, she has released five albums. Sleeping With A Stranger is Christina’s newest album, and reflects the artists coming of age lyrically and musically. She recently returned home to share her stories and songs after performing 40 shows in Europe with husband/producer Dale Murray.

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Silverseam was formed in the summer of 2011 by vocalist Lucy McKenzie and drummer Oscar Wright, mixing contagious pop/rock melodies and riffs to produce a catchy, addictive sound. They are now joined by guitarist Andy Savidis and bassist Joe Overend and are hot on the gigging circuit, so come to a show and check them out!
THEIR EP IS ALSO AVAILABLE NOW TO DOWNLOAD- WITH TWO UNHEARD TRACKS (THAT YOU'LL LOVEE) -download it here, for only £4 -for six great tracks!!

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Chastity Brown

Chastity Brown is a soul singer/songwriter raised in Tennessee, now based in Minneapolis, MN. Chastity channels songs that are carried deep in the American pysche: the hunger, desperation and confidence that runs through our times. She’ll put a spell on you. Sweet as molasses and woodsmoke, clear and burning as summer sun, Chastity Brown casts magic. Her voice brings you to the crossroads with every turn, warms, comforts and challenges you.

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Kiesza has packed a lot into her 22 years. She's been a navy codebreaker, a national beauty pageant contestant and a tall ship sailor.But these days, writing and performing music is the Calgary native's main passion. It's been only four years since Kiesza (pronounced Kye-za) wrote her first song on her mother's old guitar. "I knew that my mom had a guitar in storage in the house," she says. "My parents got divorced when I was 18 and I had a lot of emotions going on and I went searching for it. When I found it and started playing it, I wrote a song that first day.

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Tich is a 19 year old singer songwriter from the UK. 2012 has seen Tich become an online sensation. As well as picking up fans the world over, Tich has also caught the ears of the world’s biggest pop-group One Direction who have shown massive support for this rapidly growing, and talented artist. And they’re not alone. Olly Murs, JLS, Nick Jonas & The Wanted have all voiced their support for Tich, who has now amassed over 2.5 million views on YouTube, 20,000 YouTube subscribers, 25,000 Twitter followers and 8,000 Facebook likes in just over 6 months!

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Lauren Aquilina

Seventeen year old, Bristol-born Lauren Aquilina, is a songstress armed with melancholic piano-driven melodies, propelled by her formidable lyrical ability, all delivered with an overwhelming honesty, something rarely found in an artist so young. Singing as soon as she could speak, writing songs since the age of five and playing the piano since the age of seven, music is all Lauren has ever wanted to pursue.

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