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Naturally 7

Naturally Seven is an internationally recognized a capella group based in New York. Their a capella style is referred to as "Vocal Play". Members are Garfield Buckley, Rod Eldridge, Warren Thomas, Jamal Reed, Roger Thomas, Dwight Stewart, and Armand "Hops" Hutton. Every sound heard during a performance (even the guitar) is produced by the vocal abilities of each member. They supported Michael Bublé on his "Call me Irresponsible" tour.

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Airtist is a unique music project that creates the atmosphere of electronic dance music with ancient instruments and human voice. The Didgeridoo, the Jew's harp and the human beatbox together create an unmatchable soundworld that is so typical to Airtist. The band don't use any electronically produced sound. Only the natural vibration of their instruments is what makes people dance. This music could have been played thousands of years ago the same way.

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dub_fx defines himself as "a schizahfrenic gemini beat-boxer performing live in the street with a loop-station and an effex unit..." He is from St Kilda / Melbourne / Australia, but he travels the world with his mind, his mouth and a loop station creating the most intricate hip hop and reggae rhythms.

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