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Kodiak Jack

Kodiak Jack are a hard rocking 5 piece from Portsmouth, comprising Bryn (vocals), Jon (Guitar and backing vocals), Kev (bass), Jeff (Lead guitar) and Matt (drums).
Sitting somewhere between hard rock and grunge, Kodiak Jack manage to inject a pop heart into thunderous rhythms and full on riffs meaning they will never be far away from a radio hit, even in their heaviest moments.

They are a tight live act and already boast an impressive gigging CV with supports for upcoming acts like Specrum7, Everything Everything, New Device and Kobra And The Lotus (Twice) as well as a highly coverted slot with international artist Paul Gilbert (Mr Big and Racer X). As well as drawing the crowds for their hometown shows they have played up and down the country and a UK Tour is in the works for the end of 2011.

With two SOLD OUT releases on the Angry Badger label so far (T.H.E.M in 2009 and Bunny Girl in 2010) August 2011 will see the release of the full debut album 'Your Death: My Glory'. Featuring live and radio favourite 'Crossfire' along with 9 more slabs of .radio friendly rock such as the glam meets Sabbath 'Wasted Youth', soaring melody of 'Waves' and the beautiful 'My Condition'.

Winning some high profile fans (we really don't want to name drop.... yet!) and an ever growing army of fans, Kodiak Jack really could be the future of South Coast rock, in their own words... 'We Are Your Saviours'.

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Wild Fire

Wild Fire are a little-known sensation. The three-piece from Bournemouth disguise indie rock with precise and poetic delivery, combining the best of their influences to create innovative and naturally atmospheric anthems.

Favourites of local Radio, they are now firmly grounded in their local music scene, having played at sold-out shows at venues such as Mr. Kyps, The Winchester, iBar and Champions.

Signed to Hand In Glove Records after their independently released debut EP, 'Glass Diamond'. Wild Fire will release their first single on Hand In Glove Records later in 2011.

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The Procession

The Procession are a 4-piece alternative indie-rock band based in the Midlands, UK. The band formed in 2004 while at university and immediately started to make waves in their local live music scene, accumulating in playing local festivals, supporting established acts, radio appearances, and appearing in several magazine articles.

Having built up a following on the local scene with their otherworldly sound and volatile live performances, they finally caught their break after becoming the inaugural winners of's international unsigned band competition. Seeing off over 600 entries, it was clear that The Procession were becoming a band to watch.

Now signed to Scottish label Circular Records, 2011-12 promises to be an exciting time for the band; their 4-track debut EP "Sometimes" was released in March 2011 to critical acclaim, their debut album follows in the Autumn, with the first single from the Album, "Sun Comes Around" being released on June 6th. A Full UK tour is planned, as well as numerous support and festival slots.

Never shy of experimenting with new and unusual concepts for live shows, The Procession are sure to spread their unique energy to all corners of the UK over the next 12 months.

The band has spent almost two years intensively recording their debut album, tentatively codenamed "Leaving The Future" in, amongst others, Kasabian's secret studio complex in Leicestershire.

Previews of the album have been well received, already winning the acclaim of XFM/4 Music journalist and DJ Pete Donaldson, and MTV's Phil Clifton.

Working with top Leicester rock producer Jon Fowkes, The Procession have worked tirelessly to raise the bar far beyond their earlier demo material, seamlessly blending grassroots guitar rock with swirling synthesizers, ethnic percussion and ethereal vocal harmonies. The resulting sound scape brings grunge screaming into the 21st Century...


"The combination of tunes really entices the listener into wanting more. It's a ride through soaring choruses, meaty guitar riffs, via bare soul intimacy, and pretty refrains, all packed with more hooks than you will find in Mariah Carey's wardrobe!!" - Pete Donaldson - XFM / 4-Music

"The pro sessions that yielded the Procession's killer EP will go down in British history (or Brit-story as they call it) as more important than the day Liam and Noel fought over their childhood toy truck, John and Paul shared their first crumpet, and everyone dropped out of art school. It's that good!" - Rocktober Magazine Reviews


"Sometimes" EP - out now on Circular Records
"Sun Comes Around" SINGLE - is released on 6th June 2011 on Circular Records. Available from all record retailers and download stores.

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BuryTheLadybird have been recognized for their catchy sleaze rock riffs with jazz and blues infused lyrics. Forming in 2009 as young friends and music lovers, they have proved that having a hard-working ethos has pushed this band to great things. The guys have made themselves an established well-known band across the midlands and also branching out to the rest of the UK. The band members Tiggy Dockerty(Vocals), Matthew Gascoyne (Lead Guitar), Zach Shannon (Bass) and Seb Boyse (Drums) are all influenced by different genres and music eras. By pushing all their influences into one creates something unique yet commercial.

Burytheladybirds influences are extremely diverse from Jazz and Soul loving Tiggy to guitar driven rock from the Foo Fighters who heavily influence our Guitarist Matt. Our bassist Zach is influenced by hardcore punk like rancid and Seb is influenced by The Wonder Years. Diverse isn't

Powerful vocals, full throttle rock, feisty guitar riffs, old school rock n roll; with lyrics you would expect to hear from artists Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and the Rat Pack right through to Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Beyonce and many other modern R & B artists.

Burytheladybird pride themselves on their performances and make sure that they deliver a full stage show which excites all the audiences senses.

Burytheladybird have graced the stage at many venues around the country including;
Rock City (Nottingham),
The O2 Academy (Birmingham),
The Moho (Manchester),
Aura (Mayfair, London),
Pudsey Park (Leeds)
The Old Bell (Derby)

As well as numerous smaller regional venues. They have also preformed at Glastonbudget and MacMillan Fest in aid of Cancer Research.

This Isnt Me was released in April 2012 to rave reviews and was soon picked up by Matt Stocks and Johnny Doom on Kerrang Radio as well as over 50 other radio stations across the UK. The accompanying Video was given very good coverage from the likes of MUZU, Blank TV, Glasswerk, AllWhatrocks and appeared on the Home page for Myspace.

Dear Daddy is the first single from their new album and will be released on 17th August 2012 with the album following sometime in the autumn.

"Right from the get-go this band has (and deserves) your immediate respect. The groove to be found at the start of This Isn't Me is just unreal, and it continues pretty much undeterred throughout the whole track. Even on the first listen we were tapping our feet. Normally in female-fronted rock a lot of pressure is put on the singer to be both attractive and have a good voice. Tiggy Dockerty manages to do both well, but for now we'll stick to the singing. Her voice is more diverse than some of the more high-profile singers, managing to go effortlessly from soft and scene-setting to huge and brilliantly powerful at the drop of a hat, never once sounding whiny (a trap some female singers sadly find themselves falling in to). " HevyPetal Andy @Andar' Leddington

The band are now planning their Album tour and are in talks with folks in the US with regard to playing festivals in Florida.

BuryTheLadybird continue to be big fans of all the social media web sites such as facebook, twitter, tumblr. Myspace. Their music and videos can be found on these sites; the band find these sites invaluable for maintaining and increasing their fan base both at home and abroad. They pride themselves on the relationships they have with their followers.

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Beady Eye

Beady Eye are an English rock band that formed in 2009. Following the departure of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Noel Gallagher from Oasis, the rest of the members decided to end the band and form a new one in its place, retaining vocalist Liam Gallagher, guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell (who switched to the role of guitarist) and drummer Chris Sharrock.

Matt Jones and Jeff Wootton will also join Beady Eye as live keyboardist and bassist respectively.

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Velvet Swans

Velvet Swans are an original guitar based Indie/Alternative band who play refreshing melodies with influences from Joy Division, New Order and The Stone Roses to name but a few. Velvet Swans are a well rehearsed band that are on their way to creating something fresh and relevant in the contemporary music scene.

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Disco's Out (Murder's In)

Seven fellows, seven different upbringings, three different genders*, one band, one unique and mistakable polyphonism. Formed in late 2008 in Boscombe with nearly 200 years of life experience.

After entering the Dorset Music Awards (2010) for a guffaw, Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) walked away with four super festival slots after winning over the judges sympathetic outlook on left handed people.

Disco’s Out (Murder’s In) are known for their flamboyant dress sense, crazy head gear, animated stage presence, and a shameless DIY approach to creating pretty much everything present onstage.

In 2010 Disco's Out (Murder's In) accidentaly recorded their debut album 'The basic Principles of Disco's Out (Murder's In) using homemade equipment in their Garage.

Following this, May 6th 2011 saw the second release titled 'The slightly less basic but not quite advanced priciples of Disco's Out (Murder's In)'. The limited edition press of this CD features hand made, screen-printed artwork. It is also available for free stream/download from:

This year Disco's Out (Murder's In) are set for a festival packed summer in 2011 with sets confirmed for Larmer Tree Festival, Endorset In Dorset, Tonefest, along with more to be announced soon!

*Male, Female, and Male Left-Handed.

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