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If energy, talent and passion could be measured in gold, Fearne would be millionaires. The Bournemouth foursome, Alex Beds (vocal and acoustic guitar), Adam Pulfer (vocals and electric guitar), Nick Bryson (vocals, bass and synths) and Darren Barret (drums) are taking indie pop/rock to a whole new level and winning an army of fans in the process. With exceptional live performances it’s no wonder they have been on the road supporting artists such as Feeder, Athlete, Nizlopi, Stornoway and Diana Vickers. 2009 saw a busy year of touring culminating in their playing to 10,000 people and gaining many new fans with several sessions for BBC Radio Solent. Now with a new 6 track self-titled EP, 2010 is set to see them reach even greater heights.

Principal songwriter of the band, Alex Beds, has the voice and the lyrics to simultaneously charm you and break your heart. But don’t be fooled by his quiet assurance and unassuming persona, this man is a born entertainer and can whip up a crowd to fever pitch within seconds of stepping out onto the stage. The rhythm section of Fearne is key to their sound. Nick Bryson’s driving bass lines inject electric energy and funky overtones to deliver an exciting, multi-layered, complex sound. With Adam Pulfer’s searing lead guitar and Darren Barret’s throbbing drum section Fearne conjure up sonorous perfection. With influences from Damien Rice to Marty McFly, the Fearne boys’ eclecticism is charming.

Fearne’s magic lies in mixing the recognised Brighton sound with the heartfelt, weighty delivery emblematic of romantic Bournemouth. Further add a measure of dry wit with a good dose of eccentricity and you have a recipe for success. If you like your indie pop/rock energetic, your band members passionate and your performances polished to perfection, then look no further

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Stop Go Sixty

Stop Go Sixty - we are a five piece Pop/Rock/Soul outfit from the South West of England. It's been a couple of years now since we started our musical adventures and we are continuing our efforts to make our music heard to as many of you as we can. We write songs in the back of a green car whilst drinking copious amounts of caffeine based beverages. We have just recently released our brand new E.P. ''Tales from the Green Hornet: Part 1'' to a great reception:

"High-quality recordings really do emphasise the simplicity and simultaneous effectiveness of the use of good structure in these songs. Synths are effortlessly intertwined with the guitars and drums and interesting vocal hooks provide for high-octane rock’n’roll".
Hand in Glove records

We're kick starting 2011 off with the release of ''Tales from the Green Hornet: Part 2", followed by " The Living Room Tour", a unique private concert for you and your friends! Head over to our Facebook page to get involved!

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Ally Hammond

Hi Everyone.

I have come along way since my teachers gave me the lead roles in school musicals from the age of 12. Growing up in a home full of 60′s and 70′s music I count Elvis and Olivier Newton John as my early inspirations. I joined my first girl band Encopia when I was sixteen until I left to have my beautful son Alex now 6. He keeps me level headed and my feet firmly on the ground.

Starting out again as a solo artist my love of great tunes and strong meaningful lyrics has produced my pop and soft rock combinations with my own style of music. My more recent influences are Beyonce, Alisha Keys and Pink. I am working hard recording and co-writing songs along with Clive Lukover a highly talented songwriter and producer. We are close to recording a first album with 8 songs complete and the tracks ‘Boyfriend’ ‘Cant Cry Anymore’ ‘Kissing in the Rain’ and ‘Sugar Daddy’ amongst my current favourites. ‘Second Chance’ is my most recent creation.

I absolutely love performing live which is the most exhilarating buzz ever so please check out my live dates and come and see me perform with my dancers. The Dress code is always to just be cool.

I believe that versitility is a key in this industry and my vocals on the Trance Track ‘Midnight’ released on the 5th July 2010 written and produced by Darren Tate at Mondo Records, with whom I am honoured to work with is a fantastic progression for me.

Check out the rest of my site and please add any comments.

My Mantra. Life is fun-Cherish yesterday-dream about tommorrow-live for today-dance like nobodies watching and love like you’ve never been hurt. Ally xx

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Singer Songwriter

Hot Vamp Club

Co-produced by Mick Whitnall (Babyshambles & future producer of Amy Winehouse, The Horrors), their long-awaited debut EP is being re-recorded in February for a mid-year release. Previews have already drawn comparisons to the ‘more sombre, beautiful end of The Maccabees catalogue.’ With fans ranging from Everything Everything to Flashguns, its no wonder its highly anticipated.

Indie-disco quartet Hot Vamp Club formed in early 2009 and have since been interviewed and featured on Radio One (BBC Switch), BBC Introducing (BBC 6) as well as included on the Best of Myspace Music and IndieFeed playlists.

Described by BBC Introducing as 'lovingly crafted, sincere Indie Pop,' their third demo was picked up by Topman US and 'Young Hearts, Slow Shoes' is now part of the Topman and Topshop UK in-store playlist, including the largest fashion store in the world on Oxford Street. Live, they've headlined the best venues across the South as well as having supported the likes of Flashguns and The Kabeedies on the way.

You can hear sketches of the new EP here: www.youtube.com/hotvampclub. Join the mailing list to keep up to date: http://bit.ly/gFv6dK

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The Afterparty

Produced by Matt O’Grady (You Me At Six, Deaf Havana) The Afterparty’s debut single ‘This Town’ is an anthemic slice of hook-laden pop-rock, scheduled for self-release as a digital download on the 25th of April 2011. The track, clocking in at just shy of 3 minutes, opens with pounding drums, riffy guitars and smooth heartfelt vocals prior to kicking into a singalong chorus - showing off the band’s gift for catchy, pop-punk-infused modern rock - that gives the likes of Kids In Glass Houses and YM@6 a run for their money.

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Rue Royale

The album includes recent single “Halfway Blind” which got repeat plays on BBC 6Music by the likes of Gideon Coe and Nemone when released as a limited edition seven inch in January. The song, along with “Blame”, alludes to a struggle to see clearly – figuratively and literally for Brookln who’s legally blind in one eye. ‘Guide To An Escape’ is about self-discovery, embracing the flip-sides of life on the road (“Foreign Night”) and the tussle of uncertainty and hope as dreams are chased (“We’ll Go On Alright”).

After clocking up over 400 shows in the last three years, Rue Royale will continue to build their grass-roots following as they tour ‘Guide To An Escape’, playing many of their biggest venues yet across Europe in 2011.

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. The adventure is theirs, and yours, for the taking.

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Alternate Function

We are Alternate Function, a young 5 piece pop punk band from Ferndown.

Our debut, 5-track EP is on iTunes! 'Getting There' is the fresh pop-punk sound of Alt+Fn you need in your music collection! http://condense.it/k43

Some of the bands we've been lucky enough to play with include: Futures, Canterbury, Lost on Landing, Not Advised, Amy Can Flyy, One Two Three and In, Pump Action Radio and our good friends Checking Pulse!

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John Stammers

John Stammers lives in Chorlton, a leafy Suburb of Manchester, England. With artists, musicians, and young entrepreneurs setting their roots down and the streets littered with Shops, restaurants, café’s, and Bars, it has been said that Chorlton is the “Laural Canyon of the North of England” and John Stammers is part of the Furniture. The Dulcimer, a tavern dedicated to the gospel of folk, jazz, pop and all things Balearic, is where you might catch John either playing Live or talking music till the midnight. John has now finished recording a new LP which will be released on Wonderfulsound on 14th February 2011. Time has been spent on recording these songs with everything being mixed to tape. Vinyl copies of this LP will mastered from tape. Producing a true analogue experience. The only digital process occurs when the songs are transferred to CD and even then it was transposed via a Vinyl cutting Lathe so even the CD master has that authentic tone and quality of a vinyl record. John Stammers is going to capture the hearts of many a music fan with this killer album a mix jazz/blues/folk/balearic filled with well-crafted melodies and instrumental pieces, hints of trad arrangements and flashes of contemporary Popular song. John has managed to forge his way into a rather overpopulated live music scene and has effortlessly left his mark.

Dando Shaft, Macca, Buddy Holly, White Noise, Davey Graham, Stephen Prina, Gene Rains, John Fahey, The Corries, Clive Palmer, Sebastian Tellier, Lone Pigeon, Paddy Steer, The Superimposers, Os Mutantes,The Pentangle, The Monks Kitchen,

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Singer Songwriter
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Performing "post-punk electro pop", we take an alternative approach to music, with a charismatic performance every show.JCJESUS are a hard working band from Bournemouth, performing energetic sets with up to 75 minutes of material to choose from.

In our home town we have been working the circuit for over a year, performing in some of Bournemouth’s top music venues, and we are now looking to spread our wings to new towns to build up an even stronger fan-base.

We are an extremely versatile band and have performed with a variety of acts from different genres from punk-rock, acoustic to dubstep.

We have played 100 - 300 capacity venues and after this first slot we will become a great resource to you for future events.

We are willing to travel the distance with no expense to you or the venue. All we ask for is the opportunity to perform, win over new fans, and put on a crowd pleasing show.

Past Shows
03-02-12 @ Private gig - Bournemouth
22-01-12 @ Centre stage - Bournemouth
06-01-12 @ Champions - Bournemouth
08-12-11 @ Cellar Bar - Boscombe
10-09-11 @ Kings Park, Boscombe
25-08-11 @ Walkabout - Bournemouth
19-08-11 @ The Green Rooms, Bournemouth
05-08-11 @ The Talking Heads - Soton
04-08-11 @ The Greenrooms - Bmth
02-06-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
16-04-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
23-03-11 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
18-02-11 @ The Winchester - Bmth
10-12-10 @ I-Bar - Bmth
25-11-10 @ The Cellar Bar, Chaplins,Bosocombe
12-11-10 @ The Green Room - Bmth
29-10-10 @ Champions - Bmth - 250 Capacity
12-09-10 @ Boscombe Community Feastival
27-08-10 @ Sound Circus - Bmth - 300 Capacity
13-08-10 @ The Winchester - Bmth

JCJESUS ReviewConrad Barr - Rubber Soul Promotions
"It were a blast - don't think tha live area has ever been so rammed AND so well choreographed! Let's not wait for anutha random Rubber @ The Cellar"

"most energetic on-stage aerobics workout I've ever seen"
"This duo of Bournemouth based rave lovers really know how to bring a stage and a crowd to life with one punchy, fast and mind numbingly awesome tune"

"JCJESUS is certainly a space to watch for those who enjoy a great live performance"


1 x Laptop Direct into 2 x DI-Box (L&R)
1 x Guitar Via Roland Cube 60 / Guitar amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Electric Violin into 1 x DI-Box
1 x Bass Guitar via AMP / Amp (to be mic'd if required)
1 x Yamaha Key-Tar into 1 x DI-Box
2 x Vocals

To be supplied by the promoter / Sound engineer
4 x DI-Boxes ( we can supply a pre mixer to deal with 4 inputs )
2 x Vocals




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Robin Joynson

Hi! I'm Robin Joynson and I am a singer / songwriter from Christchurch, who writes short, catchy, folk-pop songs. I sing, play guitar and play glockenspiel. I've self-released two E.P.s (one of which has been reviewed in the Daily Echo) and I like to play gigs and open mic-nights. All my songs are streaming on my MySpace page.


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Singer Songwriter